Still trying to nurse a hangover from last night.

Usually I don’t enjoy my birthday too much- I always expect too much and nothing happens at all. This year was so completely different, it really was my most enjoyable birthday in years!

So it was a rainy day in NYC, but I managed to get a seat on the subway(when it rains the train is packed with no standing room).




I was ordering my usual Iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks (milk doesn’t agree with me too much in the AM- you know what I mean), when I was informed they were out of soy milk. I was sad. Then I proceeded to tell the barista (you, know- THIS ONE) that it was my birthday. He decided that any coffee I wanted that day would be free (of course dude- you totally feel bad from last year!). So free coffee day!

Once at work a co-worker of mine had surprised me with birthday cupcakes:

My initial

My initial

Shortly thereafter, I received these:

Flowers &Balloon from my secret admirers

Flowers &Balloon from my secret admirers


If pple didnt know it was my birthday- they did then.

Initially, I thought my husband was being sweet (he sent me flowers & chocolate on Monday to have the whole birthday week)- but it wasn’t.


 It was from these sexy people:


IMG_5511 by The Spohrs Are Multiplying....
*Ignore the matching sweaters- they mean no harm*
And of course, this made me cry because after all these two have been through in the past 2 months, one would never ever expect for them to do something like this.
 But they did.
 Because you know what? They are special.
Very special, but I’m sure you  all already knew that.
After wiping away tears,and coming off of my sugar induced coma- it was lunch time.
Thursday’s in flat bread day at work.
I stood on that long-ass line and ordered a grilled flat bread.
As I was walking back to my desk, I tripped Dick Van Dyke style and my food landed EVERYWHERE.
So, I had to clean it- on MY BIRFDAY!
I stood on line with my second flat bread sandwich- looking like a totally fatty who just couldn’t get enough, and the cashier decided to give me the meal for free after I explained my clumsiness.
By 1:00PM I was starting to get peeved that my boss didn’t even have the courtesy to say “Happy Birthday” to me, even though he saw my desk and the floating balloon above my head.
Apparently someone mentioned it, and he was on it.
He asked my co-worker/ friend to take his credit card and get me something.
I was then surprised with an AWESOME gift certificate to the Mandarin Hotel for an (get this) 1 hour & twenty minute pedicure.
 It’s supposed to be super fancy shmancy.
My aching feet need it since they never actually rec0vered or have forgiven me from going from a size 7.5 to an 8 after my pregnancy.
Then, a cake was pulled out from a co-workers desk:
I was totally posing & forget to make a wish damn it!

I was totally posing & forget to make a wish damn it!




I got home and saw that my husband had cleaned 90% of the house (10% is the bedroom of horrors, which I don’t blame him for not venturing into- as he wouldn’t have returned)



I also saw that the lovely man had strung up balloons! Of course, he didn’t actually go out to buy them- he used the girls first birthday balloons, but was a bit creative:



scotch taped a paper with the number 28


At this point, we got gussied up for a night on the town. My mother came to my home to babysit the girls, looked me in the eye and DID NOT wish me a happy birthday. Thanks mom- for always being consistent with your lack of mothering.


We met up with a few friends at a new “hip” restaurant called “Sh*ang” & then bar hopped.


Of course, One drink in me and I go from this:



to this:



no idea what I am doing

All in all it was a WONDERFUL day & night spent with friends and loved ones.





I think 28 will be Great after all….


8 thoughts on “Paaaaar-Tay…

  1. Molly

    Awwww, Mike and Heather! That is so sweet

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! how the hell do you have such fantastic skin? Seriously. What is your secret.

  2. heather...

    It was our pleasure to send flowers…I just wish I could have delivered them in person!

    I love you, my darling Gemini Girl! I can’t wait to give you a hug SOON!

    happy birthday!

  3. jen

    Happy Birthday to you!!

    PS- Are those skateboards hanging up n your office? Love it.

    PSS – Your hair looked adorable.

  4. Anna

    I’m so glad you had a great day. What a way to get 28 off to a good start.

    Also, like Jen said, your hair is adorable.

  5. cuteellaisbold

    Happy Birthday! Looks like a lovely day/evening. I hope this year has awesomeness in store for you 🙂

  6. Kirsten

    Sounds like 28 started off with a bang! Very cool. I am glad you had such a great day and I hope there are many, many more to come!
    Happy Belated Birthday : )

  7. poobou

    The picture of you tipsy & hanging on to a tree is GREAT. Definitely looks like you had a good time!

    That was so sweet of Mike & Heather to send you the balloon & flowers. That picture of the two of them really confused me because for a second I thought Heather had no pants on, then I realized she’s just standing next to a weirdly-reflective bar.


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