Just a Typical Wednesday Night

People, I am tired and too old for this shiz.

Last night I was out. Out until 3:30AM. I am way too old and too tired to be hobnobbing with celebrities:

T-Pain by you.



Don’t be fooled by my appearance, all I truly wanted was to be curled in bed with my hot cup of tea, not my vodka tonic with crazy straw:

Upfront by you.

The crazy straw went to my brain

All I wanted to do was scream at my husband for smoking in the house, in the bathroom, NOT ACTUALLY BE the one smoking a cigarette:

Fake smoking by you.

Bad influence

All I wanted to do on my Wednesday night was to watch my DVR’d episode of the  hysterical ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’- not actually be laughing at my zany co-worker (who too is a  housewife- grasping, aren’t I?):
Upfront by you.
Anywho peeps, I am turning 28 in two weeks (which technically makes me 27) which means that I shouldnt be more Golden Girl than Gossip Girl- but I am SO the former.
I mean, how will I feel at 38, 48, 58- if all I want to do is lay in my bed and eat these?:

(Terra Freaking Chips- AWESOME to the second power)

Instead I ate these last night:




And no- my husband’s name is NOT Carl!


11 thoughts on “Just a Typical Wednesday Night

  1. WM

    Damn,you ruined my joke.

    So here the deal: I am 36…37 in December and dude those are the nights that , every once in a while are exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Sure it takes me a whole day to get over a hangover. Maybe more dependent on the quanity imbibed…but really it’s not often you get to me T-pain…or celebs in general.

    At least not me anyway

  2. Andrea's Sweet Life

    Oooh how fun!! I’m 31, and while I can’t party like a rockstar the way I used to, I do enjoy a fun night out now and then. Otherwise, yes, curled up in my bed is where I like to be!

  3. KJ and the Kids

    So much to say. Like who’s T-pain and does that put me in the Golden Girls era and ssshh I like the Golden Girls.
    I know EXACTLY how you feel/felt. I too have been out with that mixed emotion of do I stay and try and act like I’m having fun and hey I’m drunk off of only 1 1/2 drinks and wew I’m tired I want to go home but oh right, I remember this song…lets dance to finally I am going to HATE myself tomorrow.

    The last thing I HAVE to say and I wasn’t going to mention it but I have to because you know how important it’s been for me !
    I LOVE your smile in that last picture. I think you are CRAZY beyond words for not smiling with teeth more often. Just me being frank and honest.

  4. Alison

    Hey, you did way better than I ever could! My really late night is 12:30, no joke.

    If I had seen T-Pain, the first words out of my mouth would have been “On a Boat!”

  5. eden

    You look SOOOOOOOO good!!! I love your makeup … and I’m with KJ ….. your SMILE, GG.

    Lights up a room! You are such a beautiful woman. YOUNG woman …. I am thirtyfreakinsevenchrissake. Now THAT shit is gettin old.

    You are about to enter your Saturn Return. The biggest shifts and changes in your life will now happen, over the next two years. Buckle up, baby. XOX

  6. pillarr1

    3:30 a.m.!!!! These days, to stay up and OUT until that time is nothing less than a death sentence to me!!! I am not even sure it is my age (41). I believe it was being pregnant and now being a mother to a little 1 year old. I sometimes get in bed at 8:30 p.m. watch tv and then go right to sleep. My late is 12:30 a.m. and I ALWAYS regret it the next morning. Have fun while you are still young because I tell you sister time will creep up on you and one point or another!

    I will have to say that I am following your lead and exercising and working out. I feel a lot better. But I could still sleep for 10 hours given the opportunity!!

    You looked like you were having fun. Drinking and smoking – I should try that soon!

  7. kerry

    Damn, people beat me to it. What the heck are you self conscious about?? I don’t even SEE a space in your teeth and you are SO pretty!
    and yeah, who’s T-pain?

  8. geminigirl64 Post author

    Actually, I no longer have a space in my teeth, I have them bonded (2 yrs now)… when i smile with teeth from the heart I look ok, but when someone yells cheese- my teeth smile looks weird… i cannot explain it!

    Yeah, i didnt knwo who t-pain was either, he is a pretty big name in the industry.


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