As Ive mentioned before- my husband and I have a 5 year plan. It goes something like this:

Husband gets his degree in mechanical engineering (which is in at least 2.5 yrs)

We move back to Israel.

We move into his father’s home: large house with two separate apts- we would get a 3 bedroom, two bath apt- RENT FREE.

Save money.

Find jobs (I already have a wonderful hook up into the industry I want).

Raise our children and fly to Europe often.

-The End-


Reasons I want to move to Israel:

  • I get to live in a big house rent free for at least 2-3 years while we save some serious cash for a home.
  • Get to live in a farm town on my husband’s family’s estate- green everywhere- very relaxing.
  • Will be neighbors with my husband’s brother and wife- with their kids (which includes a 7 year old and a set of twin cousins who are 5 months younger than the girls- instant playmates!)
  • Being able to see the sunrise and sunset from your backyard.
  • Having an abundance of babysitters (aunts, cousins, sister in laws) to watch the kids when you have to make a quick run.
  • Having a HUGE family to celebrate birthdays and holidays with.
  • Being able to let me kids run around and play in the grass, dirt, sand.
  • Having my stock value go up on the career side- I mean my resume and the companies I have worked for speak for themselves and being able to speak Hebrew & English is a  MAJOR plus these days. There I can be a BIG FISH in a SMALL POND.
  • Being able to take a year or two off when we first move there to be home with the kids & possibly having another baby to enjoy time with instead of going back to work right away.
  • The food there is AMAZING. When you eat a tomato, you kind of realize what a tomato is really supposed to taste like.


Reasons Why I want to stay in the US:

  • I know my way around these here parts.
  • English is my first language- I’m not too funny in Hebrew like I am in English- shut up.
  • I sometimes feel like a little fish in a big pond  at work.
  • It would take us longer to buy a home here than it would there.
  • Buying anything over a size 6 is almost IMPOSSIBLE as for the most part- everyone is tiny (but that will be a plus for my wallet I suppose).
  • The Israeli Mentality can be a bit much for me. People can be RUDE. An example of this: 6 months after giving birth to my twins we went to Israel for a visit. Everyone who saw me (and KNEW I had given birth to twins) said “Wow- you gained a lot of weight!”… umm, really? I kind of just had twins.
  • You dont have to drive everywhere in NYC… you have the public transportation system.


Have any of you ever wanted to just up and leave the country?


6 thoughts on “Decisions,Decisions…

  1. Alison

    I up and left southern California, which is kind of like it’s own country, lol! I think the right answer will come to you guys.

    Have I mentioned how cute Soleil and Neve are? So freakin’ cute.

  2. KJ and the Kids

    Funny, me and the wife were just talking about this. I would LOVE to get out of here. Live in Europe, Australia…abroad.
    I don’t think you should wait 5 years. You have such resources there. It sounds like a movie that Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant would be in.

  3. Kari

    ummmm…..I would love to just up and leave just about every day.
    We would go to Canada…my Dad is Canadian…..
    But I would settle for a different town, a town without the DRAMA!

  4. Sugar & Ice

    I love it here, so no, I haven’t thought about just up and leaving the country. However, I live in a very different place than you do in this country…my home is probably more like where you’ll be living in Israel than your current city. My kids can play in the yard, walk to the neighbors’ house, we can eat the tomatoes I grow in my back yard and the wild blackberries that grow along the side of my house, etc, etc.. Every place has its pros and cons. You’ll figure it out eventually. I will say this…the older those girls get, the harder it’s going to be to leave. If you’re going…make haste!

  5. Lisa

    I want to leave Every.Single.Day. I just returned after living in Switzerland for 9 years. The country that I loved so much 9 years ago has changed for me. The food is a big issue, but also the geography and the people and the class. Over here, people think you can buy class. You can’t. It is very competitive here, for the kids too. And fast. I have been back since January and it is go, go, go.

  6. Rachel Inbar

    Don’t worry about buying things over size 6. They’ve gotten a lot better (although XL is usually a size 10). My daughter who’s 5’3″ and weighs under 105 usually needs M or L…


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