We March for Maddie

Yesterday was NYC’s March for Babies walk. It was a beautifl 83 degrees- MUCH different than last year’s pouring rain.

see here.

About two months ago I agreed to be my company’s March for Babies team leader. Obviously this is a cause that is close to my heart as my girls were 30 weekers at birth (weighing in at 3.4 lbs& 3.10 lb’s respectivly). I was a NICU mom.

In the hospital while on bedrest for 5 weeks, I would often obsessivly google prematurty. My doctors begged me to stop.

 I read about it all:

The good,the bad, the ugly- the heart breaking.

I bookmarked the March of Dimes website and learnt about termanology that I never thought I would have to learn about.

Little did I know that at the SAME EXACT time while I was doing this, there was a woman across the county that was doing the same.

As the weeks passed on not only was I crossing my fingers and toes that my girls wouldn’t be born too soon, I was also mentally prepared if they would. The knowledge that the MOD supplied for me at that time was a sanity saver. I knew that with all the research and funding that the MOD had been doing, my girls might be alright.

I walked last year because all of it was so fresh. My girls were about 5 months old at the time, and technically had only been home for 3 of them. I put them in their strollers, drove the car to Staten Island and brought out the rain guard. Even if we couldn’t walk the 3 miles- we would get there to show our support for the MOD- the ones who saved our daughters lives.

This year, the March took on a whole new meaning for me and my family.

Since I had already agreed to be my company’s team captain- I had to march with my team. Last year’s team captain (a NICU grandma) couldn’t make it and I was asked to take over. I was honored.

My company cuts a check for the MOD as a donation- and all we have to do is show up and wear our company’s logo. No problem, right?


After we lost Maddie this month, I WANTED to wear a shirt in her honor. I wanted to walk with the March for Maddie group… but I already had obligations. I wasn’t just one in a group- I was the one who rallied EVERYONE to walk for a cause that I believed in.  I had to wear my company’s shirt.

But- my girls got to wear their soul sister’s shirt- AND WE ALL MARCHED FOR MADDIE.

March for Maddie Shirt by you.

Maddie Shirt


March for Maddie by you.

Girls wearing their Maddie Shirts

I met up with Molly (a blog reader who had fallen in love with Maddie) and she was walking with a group of Heather’s former co-workers (when heather lived in NYC). They were all holding purple balloons.

Purple Balloons for Maddie by you.

Heather's former co-workers w/ Balloons


Noah by you.

Noah walks for MAddie

Although it was SCORCHING hot, we walked, and walked, and walked. I made sure that I was ALWAYS walking by Maddie’s team, because technically- I was on it.

Neve Marches for Maddie by you.

Neve walks for Maddie

Heather's former co-workers by you.


MOD walk 2009 NYC by you.

MOD walk 2009 NYC by you.

Going through the tunnel in Central Park by you.

Going through a tunnel in Central Park

The march means so much more to me than it did last year. So much more. With each passing year, I feel infinitely tied to the cause. I am even volunteering for the MOD now.


As I was going back into my archives to find last years post about the march for babies walk… I came across this comment that Heather left for me:

“Yay MOD MFB!!! I know what you mean, I saw so many shirts and signs that said, “In honor of” with the dates of the baby’s life. On the family quilt, Maddie’s square was surrounded by squares that were in memory of babies. It’s hard to take sometimes. But in all, it was such a great event and I’m excited to go every year”

Oh, if we only knew then what we know now….

we Love you Maddie Moozer and we will continue walking for you honoring your loving memory.

MOD Wall by you.


3 thoughts on “We March for Maddie

  1. Molly

    I got chills reading this post. Especially Heather’s comment. SO heartbreaking. I only seem to get chills when I’m reading or doing Maddie stuff. It’s a sign from her. She’s everywhere. She is the huge wind that took those balloons in LA, she’s the sun that was shining so brightly that my balloon popped. She’s how we got chills multiple times during the walk, even in the bright sunshine.

    It was an honor to walk in memory of Maddie yesterday. I wish we didn’t have to walk, but now I’ll probably walk every year.

  2. Midwest Mommy

    The end of the post really got me with Heather’s comment from last year and then seeing Maddie’s flower. I can see why you wanted to walk with Maddie’s team but I am so happy that companies like yours will donate if you wear a t-shirt that will help so many babies too.


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