Kiss, originally uploaded by gemini-girl.


7 thoughts on “Kiss

  1. Alison

    Such sweet girls! Our mom and dad totally have a bunch of pictures and videos of us holding hands or hugging or kissing. Twin girls are cool like that :]

  2. pillarr1

    OH! That is sooo cute. Whenever I say “besito” that means kiss in spanish, Rachel blows a kiss. Whenever we are in public and she hears ANYONE speaking spanish, she blows them a kiss. Kids are so funny and cute. Looks like they really love each other. How nice it must be to have someone your own age to grow up with.

  3. Anna

    That is adorable. You can save this for when they are a little older and start pestering each other. It will be a nice reminder for you until they get back to it again.

  4. Molly

    Ahh, I figured out why I couldn’t get to your blog. Your link on twitter didn’t seem to work.

    It was great meeting you today! Your girls are SO cute


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