Damn You Face*Book!!


So a few months ago friends of ours decided to get divorced.

My husband and I were so saddened by it since we loved them both very much.

Plus side- they are still young, and didn’t have children yet.

To read more about it, click here.

The other week, my friend was at my house and we started talking about her ex husband. My husband and I said that we missed him- which we do, and she said that he’s on facebook and that he would probably be happy to hear from us (we lost touch with him for a while, and didn’t want to ask this friend for her ex’s number).

My husband and I sent him a friend request and so we became friends a few days later.  When I originally friend requested him, I saw that we happen to have a friend in common (an old co-worker).

A few days after we became “friends”, this old co-worker sends me a private message asking me how  me and my daughters  are doing, and then proceeds to ask me how I know this male friend we have in common.

I didn’t know how to respond, so I pretty much said I’ve known him for a few years.

She replies back that she has been out with him a few times and that she seems to like him- but that they are not exclusive (though she seemed as though she wanted to be), and proceeds to tell me “Well, maybe you can put in a good word for me- haha”


I have no idea what to say.

Now she wants to meet me for coffee to “catch up”

I call B.S- she just wants to get all close to me because of him.


 Should I tell my friend about this situation (the ex wife) or should I leave it as is?

My old co worker is trying to get me involved, and I am NOT having it. After all, my friend should not have a problem with her ex dating right? I mean- she’s the one that said she wasn’t in “love” with him anymore and wanted the divorce. Does that mean that she wants him to be alone forever?


 Damn you FB. This never would have happened before you!


Advice people, what would you do!?


6 thoughts on “Damn You Face*Book!!

  1. Sugar & Ice

    If it were me, I certainly would not mention it to my friend. If her ex is dating and it was her idea to get divorced in the first place, then I’d say it’s none of her business what he’s doing in his spare time. As for involving yourself…I’d probably stay far, far away from that.

  2. Daddy Dan

    I would tell your friend. I’d also tell the ex co-worker that you’re friends with his ex. I bet she’ll cancel the coffee! This sounds like an episode of friends or something.

  3. pillarr1

    I would tell the ex coworker that you do not feel comfortable with her request. Explain why and let that be the end of it. I would not say anything to the ex wife. I would stay out of it.

  4. geminigirl64 Post author

    Thanks for the advice all!

    I ended up telling my friend. She seemed upset about it, but said she would have been more upset if I hadn’t told her. I am def NOT going to go to lunch with my old co worker. Not worth losing a good friend in the process!


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