Best. News. Ever


Giant Cheetos.


Giant Cheetos

“Frito-Lay hired cultural anthropologists who watched stressed workers fiddle with stuff on their desks — including stress balls. So why not Giant Cheetos, instead? “It’s a ball you can eat,” Mukherjee says.

Part of the “fun,” she says, is deciding whether to eat the Giant Cheeto in a few bites or pop the whole thing in your mouth.”


The round snacks will be sold in $2.89 bags and sleeves of five for 59 cents.

It’s the little things in life that make you happy, you know?

7 thoughts on “Best. News. Ever

  1. Kirsten

    I saw this just the other day at the drugstore and thought it was very curious…I was wondering how you’d eat them! I guess I’d be the type to nibble away at it. My girls love Cheetos so I definitely have to give them a shot at them and see what they do. We’ll get the video camera out for that : )


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