12 thoughts on “Neve & Soleil walking

  1. eden

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    Your VOICE. I am in LOVE with you … and your GIRLS, how divine and cute are they! And noisy! And clumsy! 😉 Seriously, they kept falling down TOO CUTE!!!

    I wanna SEE you next time. Omg – I did not know that was how you pronounced “Soleil” ….. d’uh!!!!


  2. pillarr1

    Oh wow! That is so cute seeing them walking. They are so well developed that you would never know they were premature. I am so happy for them.

  3. Megan Gregory

    That is so cute!!! I’ve been reading your blog since you got pg – I found you from Stacie at Here Storkey Storkey – she and I met through an infertility message board. I can’t remember if I’ve commented before or not but I so enjoy reading your blog. Love the video of the girls, they are just so cute and grown up. I love how they transition between walking, crawling, and flopping down. Just adorable. I have a private blog and am happy to share it feel free to email me and you can read along if you like – megregory at welcomehomeredesign dot com. Enjoy those cuties and I liked hearing you too that is neat!

  4. sharon

    Oh my! They are so cute! How exciting that they are both walking now. Amazing how they are growing up so fast!!! Maya just starting taking a few steps on her own but she seems a little afraid to let go. Enjoy them!


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