So many thoughts…

I dont read many books. I am not big into non-fiction or anything that’s a long winding story. I gravitate more to the teaching books, or self help. I also love books on the paranormal/ mysticism.

I am currently reading Sylvia Browne’s “The Book of Dreams” and I am loving it. My mother purchased the book last week and read it in one night. Since my maternal grandmother passed away (almost 2 years ago), my mother hasn’t dreamt of her, and this has really affected her.

Me on  the other hand, I dream of her on a somewhat weekly basis. She is always there, in the background. She never actually speaks to me, but she lets me know she is there, and I love her for that. She even brought my paternal grandmother with her on one of these “visits” and introduced me to her (since she passed a year before I was born and I never met her).

I am a big believer in the paranormal, and there being things in this world that science cannot prove.

I come from a LONG line of  people with a strong sixth sense.

A few days after my mom read the book, she had a dream. She dreamt that she saw her maternal grandfather laying on a bed. He looked at her and asked her what she wanted. My mom answered that she wanted to see her mother, to which my great-grandfather replied that my grandmother was not ready. My mom woke up in a cold sweat, and dozed off a little while later. She then dreamt that she was in her parents house and there was a knock on the door. My mother opened the door only to see her neighbor. My mother asked her neighbor what she was doing there, and her neighbor moved aside, and a few feet behind her there stood my grandmother, smiling. My mom finally got to see her mother.

This sent chills up my spine when my mother told me this since I know just how much this meant to her. So of course, I had to go out and buy the book.  It’s a good read if you are not a skeptic, let’s put it that way.


A friend of mine came over for lunch on Sunday afternoon. Originally, I was going to have her pick a menu and order anything she wants off of it- but decided instead to cook.

Usually, I love to cook- but not when it’s last minute and I’m under stress. It doesn’t help when you have one toddler who has now perfected her couch climbing skills, and her couch running skills. I am  up in arms about that one by the way- what can I do about babies climbing couches? She’s already fallen off twice, but it does not deter her.



Soleil on the couch


So it was nice to have lunch with this friend who I havent seen since the girls birthday party in November.


Neve: "So, what did you get me?"










Soleil: "Is there a present for me too"?












I made some egg and sauce tomato mixture (called shakshuka in Hebrew):



Baked some frozen puff pastry:

Burekas Cheese & Potato

made some Israeli Salad…

….and made a spinach and cheese quiche, which didn’t really solidify so it’s like a spinach and cheese mush- but a good one!

This friend of mine is sweet. She is 27, recently divorced with no kids. She didn’t get a chance to bring  a birthday gift to the girls in November, so she brought it yesterday. The thing is, she purchased two of the SAME EXACT outfit. Same color. Same everything.
I am a BIG believer that you SHOULD NOT dress twins alike. I know that when they are small, it doesn’t really make a difference, but I just cringe when I see two children (twins or siblings a few yrs a part), dressed the same.
My husband and his brother are a year and a half a part and his mom would sometimes dress them in the same clothes and it would bother him so much.
My girls are going to be compared automatically to one another anyway because they are same sex twins, so why should I add fuel to the fire and dress them a like? I don’t knock anyone who does do it with their kids, its just a personal choice.
But not to be hypocritical, the girls do have the same exact winter coat- in the same color- for a reason. When I was laying in the hospital on bedrest a few days before they were born, I went into nesting mode. I just had a feeling like I needed to buy them clothes.
 So I purchased two of the same exact coat (from my laptop) for my psyche- to assure myself that even though they were probably going to be premature, they would make it- and would need coats.
If I purchased two different colors, it would be like me saying to myself that if GD forbid one didn’t make it,  the one that did could have two coats in different colors. But by having the same exact coat in the same exact color- that means that both of them would have to be here to wear it (does that make any sense?).
But other than the same coat, they have nothing the same.
So today we bid ado to our beloved SUV. It’s been a fun ride, but alas- you are way too expensive for us. We found you a lovely home with a nice young man. He will treat you right.
Other than that, all is well with the girls:

3 thoughts on “So many thoughts…

  1. eden

    Oh my goodness how much does Neve look like your hubbie in that last photo! Amazing!

    I totally get your reasoning behind your two coats in the same colour. I love how your brain works.

    My mum used to dress my sisters (twins) AND me alike. Ridiculous.

    FYI …. I had vegetarian options for you at my party. Quiche and salads 🙂

    We are going to meet one day, do you know!! XOXOXOX

  2. Sugar & Ice

    Hahaha…you can send those outfits my way! I love to dress them alike! I figure I’ll stop if it annoys them later…but at this point, even Lila wants in on the matching clothes action. I haven’t gone as far as to have my clothes match them yet…but watch out…it’s coming!

  3. Kirsten

    I have only dressed the girls alike 3, maybe 4 times. I coordinate their outfits but do not like to dress them in the same thing for pretty much the same reasons you stated. Daniel’s famiy loves to buy them 2 of everything and (I hate to ungrateful, but) it drives me insane because surely they notice that we never dress them alike?!?!??! They even buy us matching toys. I kid you not…we got six of the exact same doll at Christmas. I just told them that we will be teaching our children how to share so it’s really not necessary for them to have 2 of everything!!!


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