No helmet required

It never ceases to amaze me how I feel as though someone punchs me in the gut every time I hear that someone that I know is pregnant. That tinge of jealousy, even though I am not prepared for another child, overtakes me to my core.  I guess this is something all of us IF’s will always feel.

I was watching Oprah this week with Nadya Sulman’s father. Dr. Oz was on, and stated that there are over 100,000 embryos in frozen banks because people do not have the heart to destroy them( because they feel as though they are their children). He spoke about this with regards to Nadya placing all 6 in because they were her “children”.

Fine, I totally get that feeling of knowing that you have  “children” or embryos (however you look at it) in frozen storage. I have six more myself. And I do think about that almost EVERY DAY.

I wish I could have them all, and give them all a chance. Maybe one day I will. Of course the difference between me and Nadya is that I am not crazy enough to place 6 in. Next time, I will only place 1 in.


Anywho, moving on…

Here are pictures of my girls. I used to write A LOT about them until I realized that only my husband and I truly care about all the little things that go on with them- so I didn’t want to bore you. But I so will now. Let’s proceed.


Neve is a DRAMA Queen people. I don’t know where she gets it from *ahem*.


Oh My Gawd... it's Oprah! by you.

Oh My Gawd- it's Oprah!


I'm a riot by you.

More drama


You so funny by you.

You so crazy

If she doesn’t get what she wants she falls backwards onto wherever she is… and inevitably hits her head.  She ALWAYS hits her head, which makes us worry- but the Dr said not worry, and that it’s a phase. He also said that children’s heads are softer so no real damage from all the head hitting. Still, when I see her going down, I cringe.
IMG_0112 by you.

Neve hitting her head back


IMG_0050 by you.

SHe makes this face every time she sees a camera


IMG_0178 by you.

The face

She has 4 top teeth, 4 bottom- and the poor thing has her two top and two bottom grinders coming in (which makes for a sad baby at 3am).

Neve can pull herself up to a standing position, and she cruises. She weighs at least a pound more than Soleil, I’m thinking about 25 pounds now (this was my smaller baby 3.4 lbs). Her hair is growing super AFRO- like, but since mommy has experience in that- Neve always has her hair did (most of the time).

Even though she looks so much like her father, I totally see myself too.

She cries more, laughs more- very dramatic. She is more attached to me than anyone else, and is weary of new people.  I think I have more patience for her because I see myself in her.



Soleil is my sweet, tortured soul. I know it’s strange to use the words “tortured soul” for a 15 month old, but she is. It’s like she was born that way. Her eyes are sad.My husband sees himself in her, because he too has felt that way since he was a child.


Dirty Look by you.

Get that camera outta my face


IMG_0317 by you.

Just what I wanted for dessert by you.

Wonder how this tastes..

IMG_0175 by you.

Soleil with Neve making the face.

Soleil gets up by herself, sits down, dances, and has already taken two steps alone (he’s done this several times already- so walking will happen soon).  She either likes you, or doesn’t.

She’s not very high matnance at all.

She is a risk taker and has already learnt to use her winnie the pooh ride on as a stepping stool to get on the couch.

Soleil loves pillows and blankets, and loves putting stuffed animals on her face to feel the softness of the fabric. It’s so cute to see her hug a pillow and suck her thumb.

IMG_0060 by you.

I'm on the phone.. ghost of christmas future



Soleil keeps to herself and likes to suck her thumb. She is super attached to my mom and husband, which means she pretty much is not a fan of mine. After a long day at work, I come home and ask her to come to me, and she shakes her head no and looks away.. I know it’s because she is currently more attached to her full time care takers, and that it will pass… but I will remind her of this when she is 16 and wants a new pair of jeans.



Both girls understand Hebrew. English, eh- not so much.

My mother and husband speak to them in Hebrew all day- and since I’m not home enough, they understand Hebrew alone. They aren’t speaking yet, but if you ask them “where’s Elmo, or a picture or a hat” they will point to it. This totally freaks me out because I am not used to my children communicating!

They don’t really play together yet, it’s more parallel play (which my physiologist friend says is very normal), but when I put them in their cribs together in the morning, it is the sweetest thing…

The girls with their morning bottles by you.

Mom we havn't had our morning bottle yet- get out of our faces by you.

They also love to watch Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Barney.

The girls watching Mr. Rogers by you.

This whole motherhood thing is hard people. I wish I had more time with them, but someone needs to be the bread winner. The lack of time spent with them adds to my guilt (and we Jews have a lot of it)! But alas, my husband is a college student, and  I need to deal. I just hope they wont hold it against me when they get older.


IMG_0189 by you.

Waving Bye to me as I leave in the morning

But as of right now, I am enjoying them. I love this phase way more than the baby stage. They are a riot.




6 thoughts on “No helmet required

  1. pillarr1

    They are so super cute! I love when you talk about them and every little thing that goes on with them. I don’t get bored with it. In fact, I wish you would devote at least one post per week to little things like that. Or, have one of your “ask a question (or lots of questions in my case)” blog days. I guess I love hearing about all of the little things because I don’t know anyone else with little kids so I get all of my info through the blogging world.

    That is great that they are learning Hebrew. They will learn English too through TV and hearing it from others. When they go to Israel, they will have no problem communicating. My little one watches cartoons/TV in Spanish and I only read to her in Spanish. We speak English and I speak Spanish to her sometimes so she will know both.

    You guys are doing a great job with the kiddos girl!

  2. heather...

    I love love LOVE posts about the girls! I feel like they are my little babies and I’m Auntie Heather.

    It’s sp interesting to hear about how they play together. You should take a video of it!!! Or just any videos at all because your video the other day was the best thing ever!

  3. Carrie

    I love reading about your twins. I have twins too (boys-13 months old) and recently went back to work. I totally understand what you mean about guilt. I feel it every day that I go to work and miss 8-9 hours of their lives. The weeks go by and I feel like I have hardly seen them at all. Then on the weekends I try to drink them in as much as I can so that it will sustain me through another work week of not seeing them that much.

    Being a working mother is tough! Especially to twins! We have twice the guilt!

    Feeling your pain,

  4. eden

    I missed this post! I’m so sorry.

    Ok so I never, EVER tire of seeing/hearing about your girls. I’ve known them since they were implanting, and you were in your 2WW. Me, Neve and Soleil have history. I need to know what’s going on in their lives. 🙂

    You are doing an awesome job. It must be hard, working full time and parenting also. SO hard. GG Rulz. xoxoxox


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