Interview with Moi

Ali from Cheaper Than Therapy sent me some interview questions…

1. What is your favorite movie?? Now tell us the one we REALLY want to know…the movie that you are embarrassed to admit that you love and can watch over and over and over?

A: This is a bit difficult, because the movie that I have seen AT LEAST 50 times is Dirty Dancing- and I am not ashamed of it.

But a movie that I have watched a few times, and actually enjoy is –

“The Son-In-Law” with Pauly Shore. You cant get worse than a Pauly Shore movie.

"Dont harsh on my mellow"


2. If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? And what would your superhero name be? any ideas what your costume might look like?

A: I would totally choose teleporting abilities, totally cuts down commute time. Not sure what my name would be, but my costume would definitely be black as- black has the super powers of making you appear slimmer than you are!


Or I could look like this...

3. What is your biggest pet peeve? What is one thing that you do that might drive other people crazy?

A: I am a HUGE complainer. I cant stand my complaining sometimes. Seriously.

4. Choose one moment in your life you could go back and do over…what would you do differently?

A: I would go back to my wedding day… enjoy it more, and not take my cousin having sex on my veil or trying to punch me out- so personally. Totally ruined my wedding.


 5. Create the play list you would choose if you could hijack a radio station and be a dj for an hour

A: I am such a nerd. I totally enjoy me some Bryan Adams

but I am also obsessed with Gary Barlow and Take That.  It would be one boring radio station, that’s for damn sure.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Moi

  1. momsprung

    Wow – such great questions! I wish I’d been as creative coming up with interview questions. Thanks for the look into GeminiWorld!


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