Last week I decided to throw caution to the wind and book a surprise trip to LA for my husband and I. Neither of us had ever been (and I am not counting my trip there when I was 2 years old) and both of us were dying to go.

Booked the trip on Tuesday, and we flew out on Friday Morning. We left the kids with my mom, so this was our first trip away from them. It was nice to have some grown up time.

The trip started off horrid- as we were delayed 3 hours on the runway due to “mechanical problems”- definitely not something I wanted to hear a day after I witnessed from my office window- the place crashing into the Hudson.

We finally took off, and from there on out- it was so much fun!

We jam packed so much into the trip

1)      we went to the walk of fame

2)       Mann’s Chinese theater

3)       Rode a double Decker bus ride around LA (like a true tourist!)

4)       Disneyland (which by the way- way more fun as an adult- just less magical),

5)      went to a super cross event (per my husband),

6)       went to the Santa Monica pier

7)      Ate at restaurants non-stop

8)       Met up with these kick ass people.

Alas, no pictures- because my husband left the camera in our hotel room, and when I called two hours after check out, they said it wasn’t there (and I KNOW it was there). And the truth is I don’t care about the camera- I care about the pictures!!! So now I kind of feel like this trip was a figment of my imagination- the picture with Mary Poppins, the picture of me touching Marilyn Monroe’s handprints, the beach… all just a distant memory.

The one thing that DID come out of our trip was falling in love with California. So, we are looking into the possibility of moving there come Fall.  I am looking into being transferred by my company (since we are bicoastal) , and my husband has already applied for schools out there. Everyone in California is so layed back, and since the creative side of my field is exclusively in LA (which is truly where I aspire to be) it would be a plus. It’s way more kid-friendly than it is here in New York. The problem I see is not being around my mom- since she helps us out with the kids. But alas, we cant live our lives just because we have convenient child care. So- stay tuned…


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  1. Kirsten

    Now that is exciting! But, yes, a bummer that you lost your camera. Reminds me of one of our vacations (before digitals were THE thing) and I had my handy-dandy disposable camera and sent it right through the scanners at the airport and lost every single photo. I wanted to go back and do it all over again; it was sickening.
    California (and New York) is on my list of places to go…and soon. It sounds great. I went once as a child but, like you, I think that doesn’t really count because I don’t remember much about it. I’m so glad that you and your husband got to get away together. It makes such a huge difference to have some alone time. A huge part of me really doesn’t want to get away alone with my husband this year (just because of my own anxiety) but a small part of me thinks we really just need to do it, just to have that time to reconnect, even if it just means driving somewhere in the state…which could still be eight hours away in Texas!
    Sounds like I need to move my timeline for my trip to New York up though because I have to go when you are still there!!! Or, I guess I could just meet you in Cali now!!!
    Glad you had fun and glad you made it back safe & sound. And how great was it to see your beautiful baby girls again?!?!?!?

  2. hopefulmother

    Bummer about the camera.

    I can understand why you loved it in CA. We lived on the east coast for 5 years and just got sick of the winter weather.

    We’ve now been in CA for 5 years and can’t imagine life any other way.

    Good luck with the jobs and planning…

  3. KJ and the Kids

    IF you would have BLOGGED while there…..the pictures would be safely in the COMPUTER 🙂
    just sayin’
    It sounds AWESOME.
    Had you thought of moving there before going ? I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave NY for LA unless you like the weather better….but I hope you nothing but happiness. wherever you end up.

  4. Stephanie

    Good luck with moving to California. I grew up in Orange County and I love it there. The weather is great and there is so much to do all year round. I would love to move back if it weren’t so expensive. And thats crappy about your camera

  5. Staciet

    You know I am a fan of CA. It would be great if you moved to my neck of the woods!

    Glad you had a good time here. The weather was perfect, too! I so wish we would have been able to meet up. Sigh. We’ll just have to wait until you move…



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