New Years Resolutions

*Before I even discuss this- let me tell you something about sick people-

I opened a flickr account, not too long ago and put up some pictures. One of them was a picture of me and my pregnant belly at 7 weeks pregnant. Turns out some weirdo tagged me as a favorite. I went to his other tags, and it has pictures of a bunch of pregnant women, and some naked pregnant women! I blocked this weirdo right away. I dont think I am liking this flickr thing at all.**



New Years Resolutions-

So most people never keep them, me included.

But I have vowed to attempt to keep mine, even if only for a few months.

I have joined a gym.

I LOATHE exercise.

But the body I currently reside in, is not my own.

It’s not the body I want to walk around in.

My stomach bulges out, I have no muscle tone in my legs, and these extra 20 lbs have got to go!!

My eating habits are good, most of the time- so it’s the exercise that I am lacking.

I am lucky enough to work in a huge office building that has an amazing gym- and a co-worker who goes on her lunch breaks. So that’s it- I’ll do it on my lunch breaks, with a friend to motivate me.

My goals are pretty reasonable- I just want to be comfortable in my skin- a place I was in prior to IVF, and twin pregnancy.

This body served me well, and was a vessel where my daughters grew for 7 months. But these extra pounds are no longer needed- these birthing hips can be placed aside for at least another three years. Mama needs to fit into her old jeans.

Wish me luck, as I attempt to work my way back!

What have been your resolutions this year?

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. KJ and the kids

    Amen. I hear ya.

    Ok, so on the flickr thing. You know how you can see how many people have viewed individual pictures.
    I had a picture of my oldest three in the tub and titled it, rub a dub dub three babes in a tub. There was nothing to be seen….you couldn’t see anything but their upper bodies.
    All of my other pictures had been viewed about 35 times at this time. That one had been viewed almost 200 times. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !
    I marked it private and have made sure not to put anything out there like that again. I also watch the titles I put on if I do title them.

  2. Chastity Davis

    I haven’t really set any big resolutions. I did say I was going to blog at least twice per week (not sure I can keep up with that one), and I have a resolution to keep the nursing the babies until their birthday even if it kills me. I don’t have any really big ones though; I’m not sure I’ve ever kept a New Year’s resolution, so I hope I don’t jinx myself with the two things I did mention!

  3. Stephanie

    I never set any New Years resolutions, I know that I will never keep them. Good luck in keeping yours though. It is nice that you have a gym in the building you work in, that will make it easier to keep your goals. And I am sorry to hear what your family is going through in Israel right now. War is horrible and unfortunately Israel seems to see plenty of it, its really sad.

  4. heather...

    Well, you know how much I love flickr (my 12,000 freaking photos should be an indication!!) but I’v figured out which photos are going to bring out the weirdos. And yeah – pregnancy photos are up there, it’s so disgusting. My pregnant photos are among my most viewed. BLECH.

    Anyway, my resolution is to take better care of myself. I need to eat better and exercise, but I am also going to do little things like wash my face every day (I mean, I wash my face every day, but I don’t always take off my makeup), wear sunscreen, stuff like that.

    And, you know, take more pictures, because clearly 12,000 isn’t enough.


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