So I don’t know what to say.

Remember this house that I so lovingly wrote about last post?


Grandparents house in Gedera, Israel

 Well, a rocket was launched not far from it this morning.

I called my grandfather to make sure he was OK- but it turns out he is in a different city, further in- so he wasn’t home when it happened.

Seriously, I hate having an opinion on all of this. It’s so difficult for me- so I will say this once, and it is ONLY MY opinion.

I hate war. I hate it.

The fight over Israel will never end. Everyone wants a piece of the tiny country- smaller than the state of New York!

I understand that we are all the children of Abraham, and that we all deserve to live where we want, but it’s difficult to live in one country with two very different points of view: Democracy/ Dictatorship.

I hate that innocent people have to get hurt. I wish everyone could just live in peace with one another and respect one another.

But alas, not everyone believes in democracy.

Not everyone believes in Israel’s right to exist. It’s like someone saying, “Well, I don’t recognize China as a Country.”

What does that mean?

Both my maternal and paternal grandparents fled their respective countries because of religious persecution. They all ended up in Israel- the country that was promised to them after the Holocaust. The one country that promised religious freedom.

Why does our religious freedom have to come with a price? Why must there always be a fight, a struggle?

I envision a world that is democratic- a place where everyone can speak their mind, dress how they choose, love who they want- without worry.

I just wish everyone wanted that.


12 thoughts on “Israel

  1. Ally

    This must be so hard for you, actually having a personal connection to this debacle. I hope your family remains safe.

    That being said, I also hate war. It boggles my mind that after thousands of years of existence, we humans haven’t come up with a better way to settle disputes other than using guns and bombs and killing innocent people. It makes no sense, and it makes me so angry. Soon there won’t be anything left for them to fight over if it continues… I truly hope some kind of agreement is in the near future.

  2. Natika

    I am so glad he wasn’t home.
    That’s just awful!
    I was looking at pictures on MSNBC yesterday and I couldn’t believe the carnage.
    So sad!

  3. Rachel Inbar

    I just want to point out that it is not 2 countries fighting against each other. Israel is fighting terrorists who have been firing from inside of Gaza for several years. This is a battle against terrorism and the organization behind it.

  4. kerry

    It’s so hard to understand how anyone could NOT want that.
    I’m so sorry that your family has had to experience all of this.

    I am sad to say I’m pretty uneducated about why all this is going on. Would you be willing to write a post explaining it? Or send me an email if you don’t want to get into it.

  5. Staciet

    Maya, I’ve thought about you and your family when I see information about this on the news. I’ve wondered how close your family is to everything–how close you would be if you were there.

    I’m so sorry about your grandparents’ house. That is horrible, especially because it holds so many memories for you. Thankfully, your grandfather is safe! I hope the rest of your family is safe and remains so.

    I hate war, too, especially because so many civilians are placed in such grave danger.

    Hugs, Maya.

  6. Sugar & Ice

    My goodness….what a blessing that he wasn’t home! Is that second picture an actual pic of the remnants? Is the house actually completely gone? Wow.

    War sucks. So sorry!

  7. Furrow

    i don’t have words to describe how this makes me feel as a distant observer, so i can only faintly imagine how it feels to you. i’m so sorry that this madness persists.


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