Totally borrowed this post from here.

In 2008, I….

  • Celebrated New Years Eve at home with my newly released preemie daughters from the NICU.


  • Had no sleep for countless months.

Send coffee

  • Learnt how to somewhat navigate motherhood.
  • Learnt how to use a bulb syringe, change a diaper that literally exploded, feed and bathe two babies at once (insert baby duties here x2)
  • Decided to not sweat the small stuff in life.
  • Realized that being a working mom is what is right FOR ME.
  • Realized that I wasn’t as happy as I should have been.
  • Went to therapy.
  • Battled PPD or/and PTSD.
  • Learnt to truly enjoy motherhood without losing myself.


  • Saw my daughters faces light up after returning from a long day at work.

What up mom?

  • Took our  6 month old daughters on an 11 hour international flight to visit their family in Israel(many of you are still in awe of that).

Neve enjoying the inter flight movie

  • Turned 27 years old.


  • Went to my grandparents house for the first time after my grandmother had passed. Such emptiness.


  • Rode an ATV on a beautiful June day.



  • Realized that not everyone is good on the inside.
  • Boss got fired, so lost my job (LOVED my old boss).
  • Was rehired by the man who took over (asshole who often condescends me).
  • Realized my self worth at work.


  • Planned and executed a kick- ass first birthday party for my twins.
home made bday cakes!

home made bday cakes!

  • Went out with some friends and got drunk (Something I thought only non- mommies are allowed to do).


  • Baked some bread.
  • Dreamt, and ultimatly predicted two pregnancies (not my own of course).


  • Realized there are more important things than how other’s view your posessions.
Bye Bye my pretty car, Alas- we can no longer afford you

Bye Bye my pretty car, Alas- we can no longer afford you

  • Made some AMAZING blog friends who I know will be with me FOREVER (you know who you are).
  • Winessed as America finally made a change on Novmeber 4th.

  • Lost some weight (pre-preggo jeans, here I come- only 18 more lbs!)img_7594


  • Witnessed how my daughters went from this:


to this:



Happy New Years! Hope 2009 Brings only happiness and joy to you and your family!





10 thoughts on “2008

  1. Staciet

    What a great post!

    So glad we were able to navigate 2008 together! I hope that 2009 brings much joy and happiness for all of us!

    Maya, your girls are beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job as their mommy. Much love as always, Stacie

  2. Kari

    What an amazing year. Isn’t it weird to see pictures of the babies when they were so tiny? I can hardly remember what my life was like before my twins came along.

    May 2009 bring you continues blessings! Happy New Year!


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