On Crooners & Gymboree

So guess who I went to see in concert Friday night?

This guy:


He is a DREAMBOAT people- dreamboat I tell ya!



(The problem is, now I want to have Michael Buble’s children.)

I got last minute tickets from my bi-polar boss on  Friday night. The tickets were in our company’s suite at Madison Square Garden. I called my husband and surprisingly he said he wanted to go- so off we went.

Great show, it was sold out. I cannot even begin to tell you how many middle aged women were in the audience trying to grope the young man!


Moving on, we signed the girls up for Gymboree on Saturday. We had originally signed up for a free class, and didnt think we would actually sign them up for three months. Well we did.

I mean once you saw their little faces, and the fun they were having with all the other kids- you would have signed on the dotted line too!





The class is for 10-16 month olds and  focuses on this specific age group.

We signed up to go every Saturday at noon for the next three months. I think now is a good time to sign up for this because it is freezing out and we wont be taking them out of the house very often.

What indoor activities do you do with your kids during the winter time?

8 thoughts on “On Crooners & Gymboree

  1. KJandtheKids

    I LOVE his music. I’m very jealous. I’ve never really seen a picture of him before…he is as handsome as his voice is.

    I’m VERY impressed that you are taking twins to gymboree. I can’t imagine attempting it.
    Glad they like it.

  2. Staciet

    Hey, glad to hear that the girls like Gymboree. I have a friend here that swears by it. I haven’t got my stuff together enough to try that yet!

    We’ve been known to listen to a little Buble now and then. Totally jealous!

  3. pillarr1

    Rachel is 10 months old and still not crawling so I am helping her learn. I suppose all of the kids at gymboree are crawling. I also try to help her walk since she shows no interest in crawling (she can’t walk either but she thinks she can). We turn on the music and dance so she can get exercise. No snow here and it is still relatively warm so we can go for walks. Even if it is cold, we go out sometimes. She sometimes go to daycare to play but I find that EVERY time she goes there she get some kind of cold or illness. The last time a virus was going around so she was vomiting for 2 days! Not going there again! I also try to get her to do exercises with me.

  4. motheringmymiraclemultiples

    OMG, I am sooooooo jealous. I love Michael……

    As far as activities for the monsters during the winter…I haven’t a clue what I am going to do. I am paranoid to take them to something like Gymboree…I mean my kids pick up every illness out there just visiting their pediatrician…I can’t imagine the germs they would pick up being around other little monsters….

  5. mamaspohr

    oh my gosh, gymboree looks really fun. I want to do something like that with Maddie! But would I sign her up for the same age group as your girls, or with kids that are her size? Oh, the dilemma.

  6. Sugar & Ice

    It’s very important to make sure your kids get interaction with other kids, so good for you, Maya! We do a lot of different stuff in the winter. We have a play group and another group of friends we get together with for indoor play dates at peoples’ houses. There’s also a place that has an indoor playground…kind of like one of those things you’d see in a McDonalds…but about 100 times larger. We also hit the indoor playground at the mall quite often. Of course, there’s always story time at the library which offers a snack and craft as well. I’m about to sign LG up for dance class, which will be something we do once per week. When spring rolls around, that’s when it gets really fun…playgrounds, parks, etc. I’m even thinking of signing her up for soccer!

  7. topcat

    GG!!!!!! Where for art thou? Sorry I have been MIA lately.

    It gets freezing here in winter too …. know what I did with Tiger, when he was little? Took him up to K-Mart, to play in the toy aisles. He LOVED it.

    When we were done, I just put the toys back on the shelf and go back home. Totally free.

    Heh heh. XOXOX

  8. Ali

    I saw him in concert 3 years ago on my 25th birthday – it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen – and yes, I’m still wanting to have his children too 🙂

    The girls look so cute at Gymboree, priceless as usual.


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