If I were a rich girl…..


I decided to play the lotto the other day.


I really was down to my last three dollars and saw a sign that said “MegaBall Jackpot- 111 Million”

I imagined me giving my last three dollars away and winning $111 Million.


 But I didn’t.




When you hold a lottery ticket in your hand, it allows you to dream. I mean, what IF I did win? What would I do?

1) I would quit my job.

Not because I don’t like working in media- I love it. I just don’t love my specific position, and I am not a huge fan of my boss.

2) I would take time off to be with my girls.

 I would definitely have hired help (not my mother) and be able to enjoy my girls, but not be overwhelmed by the mundane task of changing , bathing feeding them both by myself .

3) I would go to culinary school (it’s a dream of mine). 

I wouldnt go  to become a chef,  just to learn the art of cooking. I’m not a bad cook, but I would love to truly learn the elements and basics of food preperation from the bottom up. I would also love to learn how to make pastries.

4) I would buy an apartment in Manhattan (too expensive for us poor folk who live in Brooklyn)-

 and that way I could be in the heart of the city I love.

5) I would buy a home in Israel-

that we would move to when my husband graduates.

6) I would travel to different countries (Never been to any country other than Canada) and just explore.

7) Of course, I would also help out my close family and friends. I wouldn’t let my extended family know about winning, as everyone would pop out of the woodwork- and believe me I have about 60 first cousins.

 8) I would buy a t-shirt that said “New Money”- just to kind of get the word out.



What would you do?

I am tagging:


HeatherMike  (Because these two rock- literally)

Stacie (her sons have the cutest glasses!)

Kerry(We couldn’t meet up when she was in NYC the other week- and that made me sad!)

Karen( even though she didnt send me a copy of her documentary 😦  even though I tried to order the channel just for the night)

Chas (if she finds the time!)

2 thoughts on “If I were a rich girl…..

  1. KJandtheKids

    Hey, get off my back already (new jersey accent)
    I’m sending the DVD out and you’ll be the first one to get it.

    When we can’t sleep me and J play this game. We build our house, decorate it with pools and game rooms and decide how much we’ll give our family members. 🙂


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