Hi- it’s me.

 I have had a sort of writers block lately.

So what are your Thanksgiving plans?

We plan to go to an exclusive balcony (thanks Work!) in NYC to see the parade and the balloons. I know my girls are a bit young to appreciate it, but the pictures will be worth a thousand words. A bunch of co-workers will be there with their spouses and children.


 Then after we try to navigate out of the city on thanksgiving (good luck), we’ll be having dinner at my parents house. Usually, I would not want be all gong ho about dinner at their home, but my mom is inviting her best friend ( who just got divorced), her friend’s boyfriend, son and dad.

My brother (luckily) will be out on a date so he wont make it (not unusual for my brother to bail out on anything for a date). A part of me is glad that my brother wont be there, because he becomes so focused on me, that I cant have a normal conversation with anyone else at the table (bec he constantly engages me in never -ending discussions).

Then I usually fight with my mom about one thing or another…

I only agreed to go because there will be company to diffuse the situation.

Can you say dysfunctional ?

So what am I thankful for this year:


  • My daughters:

last year during thanksgiving they were in the NICU. When people ask me if this will be their first Thanksgiving, I say yes- bec technically, event though they were born then, they weren’t with us. They light up my day. I rush home to see them. When I come home from work, the entrance door shuts very loudly, so you know someone just walked in. Even though my girls cant see me when I am in the hallway  , they know someone is home and they run towards my direction.  When they see me, they crawl towards me (Soleil not as often at Neve- but we’re working on that).

We have also started communicating via Skype. We have a webcam that we recently purchased set up at home- so now when I am at work, and my husband is home with the girls, I call them- and he puts the web cam on- that way I can see them while I am at work. It is great!!

  • My Husband:

We have been fighting a lot about money. A lot.

I spend, he doesn’t. We need to find a middle ground. We have $200 left in our bank account.. that’s bad. We applied for a student loan, and he will probably get it- but we hate to have to owe money to a bank. I asked him to talk to his dad, but he refuses- says it’s an honor thing.

But even with all the fighting, I could not have picked a better mate for me. He loves me, he adores our daughters, and is trying to  educate himself; for us to have a better future. I’m a big believer in going to school young, because then you don’t have to deal with the financial burden of school, and family. But it is what it is, and we need to deal. He is my best friend, and takes my side when I am right, but tries to correct me when I am wrong. He never thinks he knows everything (“I am Man Mentality”) and when I teach him something, he really soaks it in. He accepts me for who I am…my major flaws and all.

  •  health

Because we all need to be thankful for this. When I lay in the hospital bed for 6 weeks, I wasn’t allowed to be wheeled outside for even a moment. I remember craving the crisp fall air, I wanted to see the leave change. Now, even on my long subway ride home, I am thankful that I am outside, and not confined to a hospital bed- something all of us take for granted.

Enjoy your turkey day!


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