Happy Birthday My Sweet Angels

My dear daughters,

Today is your First Birthday. Oh how time has flown. I wish I could press the pause button and keep you this way forever.

November 13th, 2007:

Hospital Bed Rest Week 5.5

I awoke with bad cramps. Since I had been feeling them all night long, and was already being monitored for contractions (which didn’t show up)- I thought it might have been something that I ate. The pain was getting worse so I begged the nurse to call the Doctor who was on call- up to see me. Luckily, my favorite Doctor was on call. He ran upstairs, put his hand on my stomach and felt tightening. He said he believed that I was in labor.

I picked up my cell phone and called Daddy. He said that he needed to know that I was for sure  that I was in labor, because he wasn’t allowed to miss any more days of school. Right at the moment, my Doctor checked me internally and said I was 5 cm dilated. I watched enough ‘Bringing home baby’episodes at that point to know that babies don’t arrive until a woman is 10 cm dilated, so I knew my husband would be there by the time I was to give birth. The Doctor said I was right about the 10cm thing- when it’s a full term baby- not a premature birth. I was the equivalent of completely dilated.

I started screaming “No, it’s too early- I’m only 30 weeks!”

My Doctor said that you would be fine, and that you would need to stay in the Nicu for a while but would be ok.

They wheeled me into the operating room, alone and scared. There were many people around: Doctors, nurses, NICU nurses, Neonatologists….

They knocked me out.

I awoke when I was being wheeled out, Daddy was by my side.

“We have two beautiful baby daughters. The first one, Baby A came out screaming. Baby B came out screaming as well, but had trouble breathing so they had to put in a breathing tube down her throat”.

Baby A: Neve, born at 9:09AM/ 3.4 LBS

Baby B: Soleil, born 9:10AM/ 3.10 LBS

All I wanted to know was that you would be OK.

They told me you both were taken to the NICU.

I wasn’t allowed to see you for over 24 hours.

Those were the longest hours of my life.

When I did see you both, my heart was ripped into shreds- you had tubes and wires all over you. You had tubes up your nose, a hat that held the tubes in place, and eye mask for the jaundice. I couldn’t see who you looked like!

I htought, this was not the way to see my babies for the first time! It wasn’t fair.

The NICUnurses told me that you were both doing well, although Neve was a bit stronger.

You stayed in the NICU from 4-6 weeks.

Nicu life was not easy…. it was hard to not have you home with us. We came home to an empty house, an empty nursery. I knew that I had had you, but coming home empty handed made me feel like what I went through didn’t really happen. Like I  hadn’t truly given birth to twins.

Neve came  home first on December 9th, Soleil followed on December 25th.

The entire process of going from no baby to two babies was not an easy transition. We didn’t know how to deal with the lack of sleep, the lack of inexperience.

But Daddy and I worked together and were a wonderful team! We managed to become feeding, changing, bathing pros!

You have brought so much light to our lives, it’s amazing.






My First born baby! You were the first child that I saw- and I could not get over just how much you looked like your father! You were always smiling in the NICU (even though we know it was  just gas). You always looked so chill in the incubator!

You were  the first baby to come home. YOu were also our first real parenting experience! You were so quiet and were such a good baby. You never cried, and always seemed so relaxed.  The funny thing is – you started crying the moment Soleil came home!! It was the funniest thing- as if you knew something was happening!

You went from being the smaller baby- to the larger one!

You are always smiling and friendly to people, and babble quite often.

You are content just laying around playing by yourself.

You take your own time to reach milestones, and are so relaxed and cool about it.

You look eerily like your father.

You also seem to have inherited our afro hair.

We love you so much our beautiful baby girl A!





You worried us so much. You stayed in the NICU longer, and we longed for you when Neve was home and you weren’t. We didn’t feel complete until you came home.

Did you know that the NICU nurses used to fight over who would be your nurse for the day? They all loved you!

You were a huge crier from the get-go! I think it had to do with the tummy aches you may have had.

You were and still are- soothed when we caress your head (just like grandpa!).

You looks so much like me, it’s unbelievable.

You don’t warm up too quickly to people- but are loyal once you do.

You are the adventurous baby- always crawling and getting into places you shouldn’t!

You are also the first to hit developmental milestones- rolling over, pulling yourself up, crawling etc…

It’s funny to see you do all these things since you were the baby we often worried about from the start.

You are attached to Daddy- and adore him.

We love you- our beautiful baby girl B!



We love you , our sweet angels.

Happy First Birthday- and Thank you for letting me be your mother- you have made me a better person.




Made a little montage. Click Below to see!

View this montage created at One True Media
Neve & Soleil First Year

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Sweet Angels

  1. Katie S.

    Your post was so sweet, it made me all teary. I only know you from your blog, but I am so happy for you and your family. Congratulations on making it through a trying year. You have such beautiful little girls. Best wishes for many more!

  2. Kirsten

    They were, are and will forever be precious angels. Though it’s hard to look back and see how fragile they once were, to see how far they have come in one short year is incredible. You have done a wonderful job, mommy.
    Hope the day was wonderful for you all!

  3. es

    Happy birthday Neve and Soleil! It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come over the year. May they have many many more happy years.


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