On LeapFrog & Raising Spoiled Children

Other than writing on my personal blog, I am also a contributor to Silicon Valley Mom’s Blog. It’s a lot of fun, and posting is not done an a personal level. You kind of pick a general subject and write about it. 

Other than being a part of an amazing community of moms, we get invited to some great events. On Sunday night there was a  Leap Frog party.



It took place at the Four Seasons and there were a few Representatives discussing the educational aspects of Leapfrog. They also wanted to see what we would like to see in their products, and what changes they can make.



Leapfrog truly is  a brand you can feel good letting your children play! It teaches them numbers, colors, letters. Hey, I should get one that teaches spelling- since we all know, I cannot spell (thank GD for spell check).

Moving on, I met some other mom bloggers who were so nice and a few even said they read my blog! Hearing that people read my blog is so strange since I I consider this my “little blog that could”.  I mean I know that I have a few loyal readers, who are more like my friends at this point- but since most readers don’t comment, I guess you never actually know who’s reading (so anonymous readers- comment!) !!!

Moving on.

The nice people at leapfrog gave away free swag to us bloggers. It was extremely generous of them. I came home with a few products and didn’t know which one to open first. Then I kind of stepped back and assessed my surroundings. The girls have AN INSANE AMOUNT OF TOYS. Seriously, they aren’t even 1 yet!! Do they really need all this stuff?

There are so many children out there that have nothing- meanwhile, my girls have an abundance of things. I don’t want them to grow up spoiled.

 I truly don’t.

I was spoiled and I believe that because I was, I didn’t appreciate anything that I was given. I EXPECTED things. As I got older, I realized that things just aren’t “handed” to you. That was quite the rude awakening.

The sad thing is, is that I know I am more likely to say yes to my kids when they start to ask for things- especially when they will pull the “everyone else has it” card. We live in a consumer- minded world. I too have problems curbing my spending, (much to my husband’s chagrin since we are living off of one income- mine- and not making ends meet).

I think that I purchase what I want most of the time because my parents never said no to me. I don’t want that for my girls.

So let me ask you moms & Dads out there: Do you think your children have too much? If so,  what can we do now to not have them grow up to be spoiled teens/ adults?


8 thoughts on “On LeapFrog & Raising Spoiled Children

  1. Rachel Inbar

    Yes, my children have too much, but it isn’t because I buy things for them. They just accumulate. I often both turn down gifts for the kids from grandparents and give away things we have too many of (like 15 ‘extra’ stuffed animals that went to my brother’s house after his divorce). Before I buy something I plan exactly where it will be – if it doesn’t have a place, it doesn’t come home with me. Branded stuff is out too.

    My parents could have bought us more, but chose not to. I guess I learned from that.

  2. KJ and the kids

    It’s not about not saying no for me, it’s about the way their little faces light up when they get something new. I personally like how the new toy/item keeps their attention so that I don’t have to fill that time and can blog 🙂 even if it’s only for 20 minutes !! ha ha

    Seriously though. I didn’t get much growing up…we didn’t have money. My dad always went way overboard at Christmas though. I think that’s the way I will do it. I have no problems saying no to the kids. Probably because we don’t have the money. but I do like to spoil them at Christmas…and my spoil is probably different from someone who has money but either way, you get my point.

    We have SO many toys too because with 5 kids they accumulate. We do a couple of things. We put toys away and circulate them. That way when they get bored of a toy we put it in a box….then we rotate and pull it back out a few months later and it’s like a new toy.

    We also give/throw away toys too. That way it keeps the clutter down and I don’t feel so guilty for giving my kids too much.
    and it’s all about making us feel better about ourselves anyway right 🙂

  3. Bec

    We have huge problems with this and my mum is the main offender. She ALWAYS has a new toy on hand when she visits – we see her at least once a week – and doesn’t see the problem with giving her everything she shows interest in. To compensate I end up being the bad guy because I don’t want Erin to think that if she wants something all she has to do is look forlornly at it. As a result we’ve started to experience the dreaded “Toy Isle Tantrums”.

    Last week we had a Tickle Me Elmo Extreme Tantrum which involved me pushing her stroller very quickly away from a very attractive looking stand of TMEE while she screamed “BUBBA!” and tried desperately to relieve herself of her seat belt straps.

    I don’t want to be the bad guy, but I don’t see I have much choice. She needs to learn that bad behaviour earns you nothing and that you can’t always have what you want.

  4. Sugar & Ice

    Shoot…I forgot to answer the question…

    I think we have to try really hard not to let them over do it with material things when they’re little. I only received toys and other non-necessities on my birthday and Christmas when I was a kid. I did not grow up expecting things…it just wasn’t something I expected. LG does get more than I did…but I want her to grow up appreciating things, just as you do for your girls. I think we’ll definitely need to stay on top of what we have…donate things we no longer use, and I want her to be involved in the giving/donation process. Hopefully, that’ll help her appreciate what she has while practicing a giving spirit.

  5. Daddy Dan

    Babito definitely has WAY too much stuff. I like the circulating idea, and I know it works. My wife found some of his cars in the trunk of her car that had been there for a few months. She gave them to him and he thought they were new.

    Another idea we’ve had (but haven’t implemented yet) is to give away/donate a toy every time he gets a new toy. So if he gets 10 toys for Christmas we’ll pick ten of his current toys to give to charity.

  6. Kirsten

    Yep, our girls are spoiled. But, like many others, it’s not by us. I can probably count on both hands the number of toys I have actually bought them (clothing is another story). We still have gifts from their birthday that we have stowed away because they just got too much…which really makes me feel bad knowing there are so many out there with nothing. This is why I do my best to clean out the girls’ closests every month or so and take a huge bag of clothes to my local Goodwill or I’ll give them to a friend who is expecting.
    I like Daddy Dan’s suggestion on the gifts so it’s highly likely I’ll implement that this year. Also, if I get more duplicate gifts (just because they are twins does NOT mean we need 2 of every single thing!!!) I’ll donate one to charity. One of my coworkers also has her daughter take a percentage of any cash she receives at Christmas and they go buy toys or other items for families in need.
    As for keeping them from having the “spoiled” mentality…not sure what to do about that. Of course I want to give them everything they want but I do want them to earn it, for the most part, when they are old enough to understand that. We haven’t reached the stage of them throwing fits at the store for things but I know it is soon to come. I saw a mom last week at Target with her child, who was probably 2.5 or 3, and she wouldn’t let him get a movie…I could still hear him screaming when they were over in the grocery section on the complete opposite side of the store. That’s what I’m afraid of but I’m pretty sure we’ll just leave the store when that happens!

  7. es

    My kids definitely don’t have too much toys at this point. I haven’t bought them anything, our parents rarely buy them, and the only toys they have are the presents they got from when they were born. I imagine they will get more come Chanukah and their first birthday.

    I grew up very non-spoiled, only getting toys at Chanukah/ birthday. I agree with you that we definitely live in a consumer-minded world. While proctoring the PSAT’s in my school last week, I was bored, and I counted 32 out of the 50 girls wearing UGG boots. I do not want my kids growing up spoiled, and getting things just because “everyone has it”. I very much hope that I can stay true to this!


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