No Noah Wyle in sight (now with extra giveaways!)


People,  I am in party planning mode.

The girls First birthday party is quickly approaching (Nov 9th) and I am stressing over the details. Of course, there are worse things to be stressed out about.. like Soleil falling off the bed on Thursday. She was with her Dad, so at least I cant blame myself for that!

We have a queen sized bed in the nursery.  We put our laundry on it, fold the laundry on it, and  we play with the girls on that bed. I like to keep the bed  in there if we have sleep over guest. When the girls were small, we could put them on the bed and go into the other room for a moment, bec they werent going anywhere.

I dont leave them on the bed alone anymore. I have been on the receiving end of a semi- heart attack once or twice- catching them one moment before a fall.

My husband put soleil on the bed, ran to grab wipes from the other side of the room- and down she went.

She didnt cry, and she hit herself on the forhead. She also has a red mark on the right side of her face. Them falling off that bed was my greatest fear.

I told him to keep an eye on her for the rest of the day to make sure she wasnt disoriented, which she wasnt.

Then on Friday afternoon, we put the girls by my parents house so that we could get some birthday party shopping done. My mom called, and said Soleil was acting strange, and unlike herself. I noticed it that morning as well- but shook off the feeling. Now that she was saying it, maybe there was something wrong!

We had a pediatrican appointment for the following day (Saturday), but decided to take her to the ER anyway- just in case there was a problem.

Two hours later we were seen ( “emergency room” my ass), only to be told that she was fine.

We decided that since we were in the hospital where I was on hospital bedrest, and where the girls were in the NICU, that I should go say hello. We first went to the NICU to find it EMPTY.

Turns out they built a whole new, state of the art- NICU down the hall. It was beautiful!!! Much different than the old NICU the girls were in.

I saw two NICU nurses and inrtroudced them to Soleil. I’m not exactly sure they remembered her, since they have many babies come and go from there… but I’m sure it made them feel good to see the product of their labor: A healthy baby.

Then we went upstairs to the Maternity ward where I lay for 6 weeks.

I didnt know if I would see anyone, but the first face I saw was of Grace, one of my FAVORITE nurses! This woman was beyond sweet. She took a liking to me, and we would always gab. She was there the morning when I went into labor. She also went to the gift shop after I had given birth and purchased two identical pink bear rattles for the girls. Her face lit up, and she was so excited to see us. She even held Soleil.

It was really nice to see her.

The following day, we had the girls 11 month check up (or is it the 1 yr check up?).



Height: 31 inches

Weight: 24 lbs

According to the growth calculator- that puts Neve in the 95th % for Height and weight!

The doctor said that she is fine, that she is on track and that she is a naturally big baby. Said not to worry, that they should thin out when they start walking. Of course, when your baby is in the 90th % for weight, you start to worry. I mean- I dont think we overfeed them!



Height: 29 inches

Weight: 23 lbs

The doctor checked her out and said that she is fine, that babies fall. The things to look for right after a fall are: Sleepiness, disoriented-ness, and vomiting.


Anyway, this brings us back to this weekend: I am in party planning mode. My co-worker who was suposed to make an awesome fondut cake for the girls bday backed out (something about her just having twins and not being able to do it).. so I have decided to take on the cake myself. It wont be the same cake, but it will be made from love. I know I can do it.

Now all I need to do is get this:


To look like this…

Cake I will *attempt* to make

And if it crashes and burns, my husband can always run out and buy an ice cream cake!

The guest list has now reached 26 people. Where on earth am I going to fit all those pple in my two bedroom apt? AGH…

I definetly do NOT want this party to get out of hand, but considering the year we have all been through- I want to celebrate it for the girls- even if they only remember it through videos and pictures.



The lovely people at Blankyclip have decided to let me give away one of their adorable blanket clips to one lucky reader! Their product is SUPER useful, as all of us know the annoyance we feel when our babies hurl the blankets out of their strollers only to land on the dirty floor!!

Contest Rules:

You must leave a comment!!

Contest Ends on Friday, October 31st at 11PM.

Random. Org will choose a lovely winner!


13 thoughts on “No Noah Wyle in sight (now with extra giveaways!)

  1. KJ and the kids

    Not here to win….just commenting.
    How fun to travel back to the NICU and Labor and Delivery. I’m glad you got to see some familiar faces.
    The girls seem like champs considering where they started out.
    I can’t believe they are 1 already 🙂 Nice

  2. Katie S.

    As a mom who just threw a one-year old birthday party, my advice is to cater! I ordered some food trays and the cake from my local grocery store and picked them up the morning of the party, along with some balloons. It left me time to clean, decorate, make goody bags and get my son ready. I normally make everything, but was out of town up until the day before the party. It eliminated so much stress. You will probably appreciate the extra time and counter space, especially if you are planning to make the big cupcake cake. Also, there were hardly any dirty dishes/serving trays to clean up afterwards. The sleeper hit of the party was the inflatable cupcake someone gave us to use as a decoration: The kids loved how big it was and it may look cute with the cake you are planning to make. No need to enter me in the giveaway…my son isn’t into blankies, so we won’t use it. Hope this helps!

  3. Sugar & Ice

    I made Lila’s birthday cakes for both of her birthdays so far, and I think I’m going to make that the tradition. For some reason it feels good to do that for your kid.

    I read another blog, Fantastically Blonde, and she has a cake pan like that. It seems like she had some trouble when she made a cake with it and had recommendations…you should run over to her blog and see what it was she had trouble with so you don’t make the same mistake….wish I could remember what it was.

  4. Kirsten

    I was veeeery close to getting that cake pan…but chickened out. I thought it would be cute to make the girls a cupcake cake every year as a tradition but guess I blew that 😦
    I can’t believe how big the girls are! Mine were 31.5/30 inches tall and both weigh 24 pounds at their 15 month check-up! That is wonderful that they are doing so well 🙂
    The Blankyclip looks super cute!

  5. topcat

    I’m only commenting to win HA.

    Seriously ….. I’m hanging to see your cake-making efforts!! Hope it turns ok ok ….. I just always make or buy a boring cake, then ice the hell out of it, chuck some toy characters on there …. hey presto, a cool cake that Tiger has always loved.

    Of course I will be posting some pressies for the girls …. can’t believe they are ONE!!!


  6. Stephanie

    I found your blog awhile ago, but have not commented. Your girls are so adorable and I wouldn’t worry abour the weight thing. My son is 14 months and he is 33 inches and 30 pounds. he is not fat but he has chuncky little thighs. He isn’t walking yet but he is crusing and I have noticed that in the past week the are really thinning out.

    Also I got that cupcake pan for his first birthday and I didn’t have any problems with it, but I made sure to grease the pan really good and it doesnt tell you how long to cook the cakes for with it but I did 40 minutes on all my white cakes and for some reason the chocolate ones took 45 minutes. They came out really cute, I made 4 different ones since they only feed 8 to 10 people. ANyway hope that was helpful.

  7. Jodi

    I’m glad she’s ok! How scary!
    On another note… I saw that cake in a magazine and loved it! Post pics when its finished, and let us know how it goes!

  8. Furrow

    That cake is way cool. But whatever happens, the party will be great. (says the woman who is totally stressing over her own one year old’s party this Saturday).

  9. Stacie

    Love the new header! The girls look so cute in that picture! Good luck with the party planning. I am about to throw my hands up in the air over the boys’. We decided to have it a park the next block over. No problem right? Except now rain is forcasted and it looks like we’ll have to do it at our house anyway. Sigh. I so didn’t want to have to clean…

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