A few random thoughts

1) Charlie Sheen is having twins. Whoo-hoo. join the club. Apparently it’s the hip thing to do these days. We all know that all these celebs that are having twins are using fertility treatments. Come on now, who do you guys think you’re fooling? I’m talking ot you J-LO!



What bothers me, is that I was reading an article that stated that he has three daughters. Umm, I know he only has two from Denise Richards. I did a little digging (OK googling) and found out that he does indeed have another daughter. She is 23, and was born when Charlie was 19 and a fledgling actor.

So wait, just because she doesn’t fit with Hollywood’s ideal, does that mean that she should never be spoken of? I mean, come on!

After writing that, I actually came across a pretty sweet picture of Charlie and Cassandra:

Seems a bit forced?

Seems a bit forced?

2) Apparently, Cosby sweaters are making a  “come-back”

So my question is: Where did they go and why are they coming back;? I too had a collection of horrifyingly ugly sweaters in the 80’s. My excuse- I was 8.

People are actually having Cosby Sweater parties these days!

1st Annual Cosby Sweater Party

Jello pudding shots are provided.

That is all.. as you were.

4 thoughts on “A few random thoughts

  1. KJandthekids

    Jello PUDDING shots. I’ve never heard of them but they sound DELICIOUS !
    I’m all about jello shots, as jello was I think invented in Utah by the mormons 🙂 ha ha

  2. heather...

    I totally laughed out loud at Jello pudding shots, but then I thought about it. SERIOUSLY! Chocolate pudding with Kahlua or Bailey’s or something yum like that! I’m tempted to experiment this week.

  3. topcat

    Those jumpers (sweaters) are HIDEOUS.

    Tiger and I LOVE watching 2 and a Half Men. I have a crush on Charlie.

    I’m trying to upload pics of Monkey jumping and SMILING in his jolly jumper … to prove to you that he is not uncomfortable. HEH.



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