Pumpkin Patch

Apparently, I am getting many hits to my site by people who are google-ing the term “Spanking”. Sorry creeps, nothingto see here.  I will try to divert the unwanted attention with something wholesome…

So I decided to take the girls to a pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was my first time! I come from a household that was by no means Americana. I kind of longed to be able to partake in a real thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving we would didn’t have yams and marshmallows, pumpkin pie, or cranberry sauce. What you got in my house was a huge meal that consisted of : chicken, Goulash, and rice with lentils.  yuck.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like Goulash

Nothing says Thanksgiving like Goulash

Although I knew that I could not celebrate Christmas, I kind of wanted to- as I loved the commercialism of it all. I always wanted to decorate a tree, even if it was not my own. I never had any friends who weren’tfrom my school, which means all my friends were Jewish- which gave me no opportunities to decorate anything. I have always wanted to drink eggnog and stand under a mistletoe .


 I never enjoyed Halloween either, as It was not a “Jewish” holiday. The only thing that was fun about the day was being able to leave school early so that we as Jewish girls wearing long skirts would not be a target of egg flinging school kids.

We got some eggs for 'ya

So I took the girls to a pumpkin patch! I mean, I am first generation American and what’s more American than taking your children to a patch in Autumn!?

I googled sites and found one about an hour away from home. My husband had no idea why I would want to go to one, as he has only been in the US for 4 years. It was a beautiful day in New York- 76 degrees, so I got the girls dressed and headed out!

When does the fun begin mom?

Children of the Corn pumpkins

Neve has a fear of pumpkins

Not the right way to eat a pumpkin Soleil

Neve as a farmer

Oompa Loompa pumpkin

Pumpkin spokesmodel

Later on in the day, I met up with an old friend and we took our kids to the park. She may be the oldest friend that I have- we met when we were 4 years old. She got married at 20, had her first child at 21, and her second at 22. So at the young age of 27, she has a 5 & 6 year old. I find that crazy to wrap my head around. Having a child in the first grade at my age! It was the first time I had met her children, and they were very well behaved. I dont think it’s easy to have well behaved kids. I truly applaud women that do. I sometimes wonder how I will manage. Will I be able to curb my children’s tantrums? Will I help them become the best people that they can be? I guess I will try to do the best that I can.



Then on Saturday night (I know, I tend to jam pack a million things into one day) I had a birthday dinner for my husband in our apt. I wanted to celebrate his birthday (which was on Monday). He hates celebrating his birthday. He actually hates celebrating birthdays in general- which makes my day mean nothing. This definitely bothers me to no end. I mean, just because he doesnt want his birhday, anniversary, father’s day, valentines day (insert any occasion here) celebrated- doesnt mean I dont want it celebrated! And I know why he doesnt like it celebrated. His mom died when he was 10. She would throw HUGE birthday’s for her children, and when she died no one cared enough to celebrate his birthday. His day was taken away, so why should mine be as well?

But I of course, cannot let a birthday go by uncelebrated. I told him that even though he doesn’t like birthdays, I will celebrate his day – because everyone deserves that one day. I invited some friends over, we ordered dinner in (because there was NO WAY I was going to cook) and I bought a birthday cake.


Soleil woke up & was freaked out by everyone

Soleil woke up & was freaked out by everyone

We had some wine, some sushi… it was a nice night.


**I finally got around to choosing a winner for my contest last month! When I went to the Martha Stewart blogging show on 9/24 she gave away a few intresting books! The winner was chosen by Random.Org-


Congrat’s Sticky Feet!!


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch

  1. Petals

    Happy bday to your husband! Mine is on Wednesday… Your girls are so cute in the pumpkin patch! I too grew up like you in Brooklyn in a typical Israeli home- so no Thxgiving, etc. My husband grew up in a very typical American home, so now I get to have thxgiving. But still, no Halloween or Christmas for us– it’s ok though, we have Hanukah and Purim to look forward to – right? : )

  2. KJandthekids

    I’m glad you get to do some celebrating through your cute girls.
    Personally I’d like to celebrate all religions…not just the Christian ones.
    I mean, come on now, if Barbara, Barry and Bette are gonna sing Christmas songs….why can’t I play with a dradle 🙂

  3. Kirsten

    We are headed to a pumpkin patch this weekend but yours looks waaay more fun with all those painted faces…but, yes, I can see where the fear might come in!!

    I’m glad you had a nice night for your husband; the cake looks delicious and I have a major sweet tooth right now with all this Halloween candy…

    Oh, and love the fall outfits on the girls!

  4. Rachel

    you always dress your girls so cute!!!! i love their outfits. do you get a majority of their clothes from a certain place?

  5. geminigirl64 Post author

    Rachel- I get 90% of their clothes at Old Navy. They have the best kids selection for great prices!


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