Show & Tell

OK- TC- This one is for you.

Topcat issued a challenge. Put up some embaressing pictures of yourself. I will definetly win, as I have many incriminating/afro-licous photos.


Let’s begin, shall we?

So I didnt always looks like this:


Shiny hair

Shiny hair

I was born with how  shall I call it… challenged hair? My mom, the hairdresser, and myself didnt know what to do with such hair.

In the 6th grade, I tried to have bangs. Bangs and curly hair, just don’t mix- unless you’re ready for the upkeep-which I definitely WAS NOT. I look half asleep in the picture below, with my poofy bangs- and it didn’t help that I was in a vortex of sorts.

6th Grade

6th Grade

The following year, I wanted to go natural. I tried to tame my huge hair, but alas- this is what happened:

7th Grade

So how about some more embarrassing photo’s shall we?

At the age of 18, a few friends and I went out for a night on the town. We ended up in an S & M Bar (naturally?). There was a menu with different things you could have done to you: toe sucking, spanking, hair pulling. I ordered a virgin Pina Colada. I was the most virginal of the group, having only kissed one boy. My friends thought it would be funny to go behind my back and pay for me to be spanked. When the “waiter” came up to me- my mouth dropped. He was HOT. He told me to come with him, after some hesitation I went.. and he began to shackle my hands to the stage. I protested, but my friends begged me to continue, as they had already payed the man.

I was blind folded


All I remember was him actually spanking me HARD! It wasn’t for show people- I had welts! I was 18 and truly embarrassed. I begged him to stop hitting me, but he only hit me harder. I guess some people like that.

After he hurt me, he grabbed my hair and gave my a maricino cherry.


OK- Someone top that!

12 thoughts on “Show & Tell

  1. Daddy Dan

    Ok, that one’s going to be hard to top! =)

    Despite the hair, you were a cute little girl, Maya.

    In that last picture you look pretty happy. Sure you didn’t enjoy it???

  2. mamaspohr

    How the freak do you get your hair so shiny? It’s so purty.

    And…I can’t even come close to topping you.

  3. HeatherPride

    PRICELESS!!! So fabulous! You are one heck of a good sport, is all I have to say!!

    I can’t top it, but once I dated a photographer and he got a gig to go and do photos at some dominatrix’s place for her website. Of course he invited me to go along and of course I said hell yeah!! Because how many times do you get an opportunity to go visit a dungeon???

    Luckily he didn’t get any photos of ME in the dungeon or I’m sure they’d be all over the internet as soon as we broke up!! ha!

  4. KJ and the kids

    Something bad happened. I haven’t been getting a feed through bloglines that you are updating. DAMN IT !!!
    I’ve missed so much.
    I can’t touch this one. You rock !
    I sure wish you’d smile big.

  5. kerry

    Holy crap!

    The only thing I have that compares didn’t even happen to me.

    For my BIL’s bachelor party the guys paid a stripper (at a club) to handcuff him to a pole and beat the crap out of him. He had bruises ALL over his body and his fiance was PISSED!

  6. Lori

    Well, I’ve been all down the list of entries and I was confident I had each one of them beat.

    I think your childhood photos are very cute (what’s up with the vortex!?).

    But you most DEFinitely have me beat with the S&M bar.

    How DO you get a sadist to stop spanking you? I don’t think you can.

  7. topcat

    Hey … where did my comment go????

    I WANT YOUR SHINY HAIR!!!! You seriously have to tell me how to get it so shiny.

    And, you were such a cute little dork!!

    I went to a LOT of S & M places in my time.
    Nuff said.

    How are the birthday celebration plans coming along?


  8. ^WiseGuy^


    Nice to read your blog….and amazing to see you with your ‘shiny’ hair. The way we grow up, even we are not aware of how we would turn out 10 years from then….

  9. Helene

    I won’t even dare post pics of me from my childhood…feathered hair, braces, heavy eyeliner…you’re a brave woman!!! Actually it kinda reminds me of the segment that Ellen Degeneres has on her show where you send in embarrassing photos from your past.

    The S & M pics rock!!!! Sure, it might have been embrassing at the time but isn’t it funny to look back at now??


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