Babies & Malls- Don’t try this at home.

It happened for the first time yesterday. Something I never thought would happen to me, something that I pitied other women for.

Neve threw a temper tantrum in a store- in front of everyone- and the whole place looked at me like “Cant that lady control her child”?.

I guess, there is a first time for everything I suppose.

Yesterday, I had the day off from work.My grandfather arrived from Israel on Tuesday night, and I wanted my mother to be able to spend the day with him without watching the kids.

My husband was in school, so I was on sole baby duty.

I decided to go to the mall with my friend and her two kids (ages 2.5 & 1.5). This was the first time that I have driven both my girls anywhere. I know to some- driving their kids around is not a big deal. For me, it’s huge.

You see, when I was 19 I decided to get my license. During this time, I was out with a few friends, and while sitting in the front passenger seat- we went head on into an 18 wheeler truck on the high way. We all thought we were going to die. I know I did. You truly do see your life flash before your eyes. You realize what’s truly important.

 We all made it out -alive. without a scratch. The police called it a “pink case” which means that by the severity of the crash- there should have been a fatality.

So lets just say, it took me years to get my license. I only got it at the age of 24. Needless to say I still do not drive on highways. I have had a  fear of driving with the kids in general.

So when I loaded them into the car by myself, and drove them to the mall- that was a first for me!!

My friend Franny and I were walking through the mall with our double strollers- it was so strange!

I remember trying to get pregnant when her son was born, and when she became pregnant with her daughter 3 months later- it did hurt. It hurt because it seemed to come so easy for her, while I was struggling for answers. The wacky thing about it all? I found out I was pregnant the day she gave birth to her daughter ( 5/11/2007)- and our daughters are only 6 months a part!! Even writing it down seems strange, I mean I found out I was pregnant in May of 2007, and my girls were born in Nov of 07!?

Moving on, we went to the Gap- and let me tell you- Neve went nuts. She would NOT stop crying no matter what I did! Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I officially understood mothers who were out with their kids. Ha.

I did a little retail therapy- which I have been doing A LOT lately (much to my husband’s chagrin). I have lost 20 pounds since giving birth, although I am still 20 pounds away form my pre-pregnancy weight. Since starting Jenny Craig 10 weeks ago, I have lost 10 pounds (not wonderful but I’ll take it) and 3 inches off my chest, 3 off my hips, and 3 off of my tummy. Sufficed to say, I have NO clothes that fit. The clothes that I wore before I became pregnant don’t fit, and neither do my maternity clothes (which are too big and not form fitting). So I have been buying a lot of clothes- and having new clothes  has definitely made me feel much better about myself. My confidence is getting a bit better I would say. People are definitely starting to notice, which feels really nice. I guess I’m starting to look a bit like myself again, which makes me feel like myself again.

So my grandfather arrived on Tuesday, and it’s been really nice having him here. He is staying by my parent’s house. This trip is hard for him, because it’s his first since my grandmother passed away last year. This morning he came to my house with my mother, and as he sat on my couch he saw this picture of my grandmother (taken on my wedding day: 1 year before she died):

He saw it, and started wiping away tears.

I am happy he is getting to spend some time with his great-granddaughters:

Neve trying to grab his 'stache

Soleil with my parents

Soleil with my parents

So Neve has enough hair now to put in a pony tail holder but she looks so funny:
And this is what it looks like when we take the holders out of her hair:
She is definetly my daughter:
 on a bright and happy note:
Congrats to my friend CHAS over at Sugarand Ice: who gave birth to her twin daughters two nights ago! Go over to her site and wish her luck (ha!)

11 thoughts on “Babies & Malls- Don’t try this at home.

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  3. mamaspohr

    The same thing happened to me at an H&M!! I was surrounded by freaking hipsters and they were all glaring at me like, “Shut your baby up!” But I’d been standing in a LONG line to check out, and I wasn’t going to get out of line to calm her down and then have to wait again!

  4. topcat

    Oh, Neve looks like the devil child! Heh heh. GG your grandmother is absolutely STUNNING. I can tell what an amazing woman she must have been, just by looking in her eyes.

    That’s bad news about your dad …. I really hope it turns out to be just that – a growth, and nothing more. Our bodies do strange things. When will you find out? I’m SO here for you if you need. XOXOX

  5. pillarr1

    Sorry to hear about your dad. It is just a growth and they will take it out and all will be fine. Just believe that. My mom had a growth taken out last week that was on her spine. It was not malignant but she was scared. She is doing well and recovering just fine. So will your dad.

    I am dreading the “in public meltdown” like you just had. But what can you do when it happens.

  6. Sugar & Ice

    If I didn’t have to drive to get anywhere, I wouldn’t do it either. I hate driving.

    I bet you only felt like everyone was looking at you. I honestly am not bothered by kids acting crazy out in public…never have been. I don’t know if it’s because virtually every job I’ve ever had has been working with children in some capacity and I’m used to it or if it’s that it just doesn’t bother me. Either way, just b/c people notice it doesn’t mean it’s bugging them. They see you have a crying baby; they’re not expecting you to work a miracle and suddenly get her to hush.

  7. Furrow

    Z loves being out and about — as long as we don’t stop moving. But I agree with Sugar & Ice: I don’t get bothered by other fussy kids in public. Only mine.


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