Silent Saturday’s


14 thoughts on “Silent Saturday’s

  1. motheringmymiraclemultiples

    They are getting so big. And look at all those teeth….I bet you have had your share of sleepless nights….

    They are both beyond gorgeous.

  2. heather...

    The pictures of them interacting FREAKING KILL ME! And, am I imagining things, or does Soleil have straight hair?

    Almost makes me want to go make Maddie a sibling. ALMOST.

  3. pillarr1

    They are so super cute!! Have a great weekend. I know you have an action packed weekend ahead of you – you always do!

  4. Kirsten

    Love the pics! I have got to get my camera out more often…

    It looks like they have lots of fun together! Have you seen any signs of jealousy yet? My girls didn’t start until right around their first birthday. It’s not too bad but they get pretty pissed if one has a toy that the other wants or if I’m holding one and the other wants up…they’ll try to push the other one away and we’ve had some problems with biting (though I’m told that’s a natural part of development…trying hard to get them over that phase quick!). Other times, they are sweet as can be to each other.


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