Concerts, Talk Shows, Contests- Oh My!

Last night I went to see Celine Dion in Madison Square Garden. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who likes her. There were THOUSANDS of other people there. I had never ever seen something like that before.



As she came on and bowed before her fans, I could imagine how mind-blowing that would be. It must really get to your head. I mean THOUSANDS of people, from all directions screaming for you and snapping your picture. I put myself in her shoes for that moment and did not like it.

Imagine being recognized where ever you go?

As I child I wanted to be an actress. I would like the money that comes with fame, but not the fame itself.


 Celine is POWERFUL. 90% of Musicians today  sound horrible live. She sounded better live.

Super Celine

She is a True performer, always smiling and catering to her audience. You can tell she’s been performing since she was a child. The way she moved and her composure is something that you can only attain with years of experience.

She spoke about beingthe  youngest of 14 children, and made the audience laugh by telling them that her father didn’t even want children.

I think she looks better today at 40, than she did at 25. Her hair looked great (I wish my hair looked like that!) and she wore an alarming amount of sequins.


We had great seats thanks to my boss and the place was packed (and hot). Ten minutes in, my husband was wondering why he came. Yeah, Celine appeals more to women I would say.

My favorite song that she sang was “It’s all coming back to  me now”- which by the way is a Meatloaf song (Love).  Oh, and “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” – which is a french love song. I have loved this song since I was 15. The memories attached are of me being  15, in a car with my cousin, my husband (who was just a friend then) and his then-girlfriend. I think they were holding hands when that song came on and I hated her for being with him. And then 12 years later- it was us at a Celine concert holding hands to that song. Be careful what you wish for! (I kid, I kid)

Of course, my main concern at the concert was: Who in the hell were these two women?

I looked back into the crowd, and there they stood. Two identically dressed women, rhythm in sync. They both wore hats, glasses, a long sleeved shirt with a superman tee on top. What in Superman hell were they about? I guess they will forever be an enigma to me.


 Today, I went to The Martha Stewart Show. She had a episode catered to blogging, so off I went alone. I was brave! The set was beautiful, and it was surreal to be sitting in a room full of bloggers. I felt so inadequate! My little blog that could  only sees 5,000 hits a month, and theirs 500,000. Nevertheless, it was fun!

Chock full o’bloggers

Face of someone who played hooky from work

Perez Hilton was on, and then Martha interviewed political bloggers, craft bloggers, food bloggers, and gardening bloggers.

So you know how when they bake on a talk show, and you think the audience gets to eat whatever is made on the set? Wrong. I think all of us wanted the cookies that Martha made with a food blogger- but alas, it was never to be.



There is a website I frequent often called: cupcakestakethecake. I am a huge cupcake fan (something you didn’t know about me) although I don’t make them quite often. I did make yummy red velvet cupcakes last week that definitely made me proud! Moving on, while I was on their site last week, they mentioned that Martha was having a blogging show, and because of this information, I got tickets. Turns out, I was seated behind them so I proceeded to proclaimed my love for their site. They are awesome chicks who live  in Brooklyn as well:

Cupcake Mania!

Cupcake Mania!

*BTW- Don’t I look like Lisa Garza in the pic above?- Lisa was a contestant on The Next Food Network Star*

I also met pomjob who came all the way form Philadelphia!
And what’s a talk show without a giveaway?
I will be giving away a few things that I received on the show. All you have to do is link back to me on your site. Contest ends on Friday, September 19th at 8:00pm. I will choose a winner at random!
Yeahy for blogs!

10 thoughts on “Concerts, Talk Shows, Contests- Oh My!

  1. Malky B.

    Looks like you had fun! Did you get any sleep between the late contest and early tapping?

    What are you giving away? What do you mean by “link back”? Just leave a comment here or something else.

    Your on my blog roll already so I guess your always linked back, right? Let me know.

  2. topcat

    Oh man, that is AWESOME!! Look at you, out and about in the big bad world! Good on you!

    Celine looked sexy. Who knew?! I laughed at your hubby wondering why he came after 10 mins heh heh.

    I love how random you are (ie strange superman people).

    Here is an Aussie cupcake site –

    Love you long time, GG. 5000 hits a month? That’s huge!


  3. KJ and the kids

    I have heard that Celine ROCKS in concert. How fun that you got to go.

    These are the things that make me wish I lived in NY. To be able to hit shows like this. How fun.
    Glad you got to meet some fellow bloggers.

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  5. Kirsten

    I would LOVE to see her live…and you are right, there are so few performers that can hold their own live (Josh Groban is one of those, too!)
    I’m linking back to you now 🙂

  6. heather...

    Oh my gosh, I always wanted to see Celine when she was in Vegas, but it never happened. Your husband is NICE to go with you – mine NEVER would have. Her voice is so amazing.

    I wish I could have gone to the Martha show with you!

    Also? You look WAY BETTER than Lisa Garza.


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