Questions & Answers

On to the questions & Answers!!!

Question #1 comes to us from Anns. Anns just had a beautiful baby boy and moved into a a great new home.

Q: How do you like wordpress?

A: Anns, I’m glad you had the courage to ask this question

WordPress is OK I guess. I think Blogger is much easier and more straightforward to use than WordPress. I do like that WordPress keeps track of how many hits you have to your site every day and what people googled to get to you.

Question # 2 is from Rachel

Q: “My question- why do you sometimes put a period in place of a letter? I think you do it when it’s a proper noun or a name brand of something…”

A: I usually put a period when it’s a brand name or company because I don’t exactly want people to google a store name and end up in my site- they would be disappointed!

Question # 3 came from my friend Kristen. Kristen too is the mother of twin girls who were born 8 weeks premature. They are now over a year old and are gorgeous

Q: 1)What is your favorite part of having twins? 2)What is the most difficult part of having twins?

A: Favorite part… I mean, if you’re going to raise one baby you might as well raise two at once. I love the fact that they will have one another for the rest of their lives- a companion, a best friend- something I never had (as I only had an older brother). To get pregnant I had to undergo IVF- so who knows if I will be able to get pregnant again. If I wont- at least I have these two angels.

Difficult: Two babies are not easy. At times, I feel that the difficult outweighs the good. You always feel like your short changing one of them- if you pick one up, the other looks at you… and you feel guilty. Plus the fussy baby is the one that always manages to get your attention (so you feel bad for the quiet one). It’s also not too easy financially when you have two infants, and live in NYC. 

Question # 4  (well, technically more than one question but I’ll let it slide) comes from Heather of the famous Spohrs. Heather has an incredible daughter Maddie who was born 2 days before my daughters and was 11 weeks premature. The girl is just AMAZING.

Maddie- how could you not want to kiss that face

Maddie- how could you not want to kiss that face


1) Ideally, how many more children would you like to have?

A: Ideally, I would like to have 4 total- preferably not at the same time. If and when I undergo IVF again, I will only have one embryo placed.I already  know that my body could not handle a twin pregnancy. Just because we got lucky once (with the girls overcoming their premature births)- does not mean it would happen again. I’m thinking of having another one when the girls get a bit older- maybe when they are 5. This way, they could be like little mommy’s helpers. Plus I’ll try to have a son for my husband- it must suck for him being outnumbered and all.

2) What is your dream job?

A: Dream job? to creative television programs- cartoons- and see them on air.

3) How did you pick the girls’ names?

A: hMM… When I was a teenager, I wanted to be an actress. My last name was just too ethnic and complicated to pronounce- so I was told to consider using a stage name. I didn’t know what to “change” it to. As I was driving in a car one day the name Soleil popped into my head (As an alternative last name- as if that is any less harder to pronounce…). I fell in love with it and decided that if I were to have a daughter that would be her name. Getting my husband to agree- that was a whole other story…

Neve came about in 2004. I was up all night painting with late night tv on in the background. C.onan Obrien was telling the audience that he had just had his first baby- and he named her Neve. I truly liked the name- and made a mental note.

* The names also worked out well- since Soleil’s name means sun in french and Neve means Snow in Latin (my name & my husband’s name both have nature meanings as well)

4) Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself?

A: Shop- I wish I could do that more often. I really like H&M and Forever 2.1. Great stuff that is reasonably priced.

Question # 5 comes from Pillarr1

Q:. What is your sleeping routine with the girls – bedtime, do they get up at night, how many times, what time do they wake, do they eat at night, etc.

A:We usually start our bedtime routine at 5:30pm. We feed them a solid- usually a baby yogurt, give them a bath, and give them their last bottle for the night. They fall asleep between 6:30pm- 7:00pm (with Soleil falling asleep first as Neve cries every night). They usually sleep until 6-7am (knock on wood). They have started waking up a bit at night now because of their teething- but if they cry for a long time- 10 minutes- then we give them a bottle with something to drink- but not formula. At this age/ weight they don’t need to eat in middle of the night.

2. How are you juggling working and mothering? I am considering going back to work and would like your thoughts (I only have one child who is 7 months old)

A:This question is tough to answer as everyone is so different. I went back to work when my girls were 3 months old. I had been on bed rest for 6 weeks before they were born- so with the added 3 months maternity leave- it meant I was out of the office for 4.5 months. I don’t think I could be a Stay at home Mom. I truly believe that is the toughest job. At that point my girls were hardly sleeping and I was so frustrated and sad all day. It was NOT EASY taking care of two screaming babies when you are home alone (my husband worked). I just wanted to be out of the house and to be amongst the living again. I wanted a reason to get dressed and shower. Plus- I am not in a position to not work- we need it financially.

For me- it was a really easy decision. I do leave at 7:15am and return at 6:30pm. It’s hard not to be with them- and only see them in the mornings and at night. I just know that the alternative would not do me any good- for my sanity. I see them on the weekends- so it makes it a better.

3. Do you get to go out a lot at night? If so, who watches the girls? I don’t go anywhere at night so I am considering a babysitter.

A: I don’t usually go out at night. I am away too tired. But when we do have an occasion my mother is nice enough to babysit. I definitely believe that you need to go out at times- for yourself. Make some you time.

4. Do you let your girls watch cartoons/TV and if so how much? I let my daughter watch Spanish cartoons only and the occasional Mickey Mouse Club.

A: They do watch certain cartoons- The LOVE Why (PBS), Ses.ame Street & George. Other than that they don’t really watch too much. I try to limit it in some ways- but I am def an advocate that TV can be educational. Besides, I work for a media company who may or may not specialize in animation..

Super Why

The girls go crazy when this comes on


5. Do you cook dinner every night or does your husband cook?

A: This question made me laugh. I do not cook every night- just on the weekends. I mean who has time to work almost all day- take care of the kids at night and then cook? I am by no means superwoman- and neither are most people that I know. I am no Donna Reed.

My husband usually makes himself “dinner”- sandwiches- but he refuses to cook because he says he’s lazy. I know this will change when we HAVE to cook for the girls

Not me

6. How do you find time to do all of the things that you do in your life? You must have a lot of energy!

A: This made me laugh harder. I do NOT have energy- I am pretty much running on empty. I have become so robotic in my daily life- Wake up, feed the girls, go to work, come home, feed them, bathe them, put them to sleep, shower and I am off to bed. I don’t have time for myself- as most new parents dont. I try to get through each day. That- and I am hyped up on caffeine.

Question #6 comes from K- of Roleplayingwiththekids. K has a 4 year old daughter, twin boys that are 2 years old, and a new set of twin boys. Yes- two sets of twins- you read right.

Q:My question is the same as always. Will you please post a picture of you smiling ? with teeth ?

Backstory- I HATE smiling with my teeth. It’s a long story and started in kindergarten. So you will NEVER see a picture of me with teeth.

k- I say this with only love in my heart-You truly are becoming a pain in my tush- so just for you:

Only reason this was taken with teeth is bec I didnt know they were taking it

Question # 7 Comes from Sharon

Q: Do u have any favorite toys your girls just love to play with?

A:My girls love their jumparoo. I have many toys in the house but this is the one they adore.



Play Yard

Last Question comes from Mike of the Newborn Identity also of the famous Spohrs

Q: Have you ever met Paul McCartney (he asks, fishing for the story to be re-told)?

A: Mike, glad you asked as I love rubbing in Celeb encounters.

A few weeks ago I was getting off at my subway stop in Manhattan. As I was about to exit through the emergency door (I’m lazy to exit through the turn rail), someone was standing in my way. As I looked at the person in question, I realized it was non other than Paul McCartney! He was asking an attendant for directions and holding his adorable daughter’s hand ( Beatrice-Heather Mill’s spawn).

I stood there dumbfounded- with my jaw on the floor. Everyone around me noticed him, but walked by- of course, i was the only one gawking. He realized this, smiled at me and waved. Yes he waved. A Beatle waved at me. Then his daughter smiled at me and I waved to her. She waved back- her blond pigtails beautifully coiffed.

Paul & Bea my new BFF'S

Paul & Bea my new BFF

AND of course because I HAD to add some pictures of the girls…
The girls at the park today:


13 thoughts on “Questions & Answers

  1. Caba

    Love reading all your answers … When I’m in NYC for work, I am always on the look out for celebs. So far I’ve only seen Conan O’Brien. Funny how that kinda links into your whole Q&A thing!

    Your girls are just too cute for words. Seriously. I want to squeeze their chubby bodies. Are you weirded out by me now?

  2. geminigirl64 Post author

    Kerry- Haha- I actually dont have a space in btwn my teeth anymore!! I got it bonded a few years ago.

  3. geminigirl64 Post author

    Cab- No way- I could never be weirded out by you- I feel the same way when I see pics of your munchkins!

  4. Sugar & Ice

    – I feel the same way about Blogger vs. WordPress. I did like WordPress’s password protection option for my private blog though.

    – Did I ever tell you that Neve was the name my husband wanted to name one of our twins, but I wouldn’t allow it b/c you already used it?

    – You know I’m not a toothy smiler either, but you look really beautiful showing your teeth!!

  5. Taika

    I know, I know, I’m late but I have to know… how do you pronounce your girls’ names? English is not my native language so I’d love to know the answer to this mystery.

    BTW, love your blog and I think you’re great! (And you’re beautiful smiling with your teeth.)

  6. katrin

    Your answer about not going out made me think–do working moms who are too tired to have a social life get enough downtime with their husbands/ partners? I just wrote a book (for which we interviewed over 500 moms) and the majority of them complained about not having time for their spouses, finding them boring or not “relating to them” anymore. It’s a real problem because in the long run you end up growing apart if you’re not finding ways to have fun together.

    My husband and I really need our alone-time– now that my kids are a little older we often go out early in the mornings for a walk together. We’ve been married almost 20 years and I think one of the reasons we are still kind to each other and get excited about being together is that we always made nurturing our relationship a priority.


  7. topcat

    Wow, I have been mis-pronouncing Soleils name (in my head) all this time!!! Now we have that cleared up ….. your name, is it May – ah, or Mai – ah? Or something else entirely?

    I saw your teeth! They look great, but I totally get it. I shut my mouth in pics all the time, drives Mr TC crazy. xoxoxo

  8. Kirsten

    I have to agree…your smile is gorgeous!! That is such a beautiful, natural picture.
    But, I know how it is to have a thing about certain things. I, for one, RARELY wear skirts because of a comment made to me in 6th grade…6th grade. Every time I have worn a skirt since then, I’ve thought of it and it bugs me all day.

    I love the Q&A thing…I haven’t done it yet but want to soon!

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