I’m sick

Don’t feel too well- coming down with something fierce….


Send chicken soup….


*My next post will be a  Q & A- If you have any questions for me about anything (ie- religion, work, mothering, ivf, prematurity, marriage etc) send them my way!!!


15 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. Patti B

    Love your new header – having twin girls myself I’ve lived that picture too! (but they are going to be 12 on Wednesday so they look a little different now) 🙂

  2. Rachel

    My question- why do you sometimes put a period in place of a letter? I think you do it when it’s a proper noun or a name brand of something…

  3. Kirsten

    Hope it passes quickly and not on to the babies! I wish I could send you some of my hubby’s chicken & dumplings…they are the best for cuddling up on the couch with a blanket (do we get to do that anymore???)

    I’m thinking of a question for you…

  4. heather...

    I’m sorry you’re still feeling crappy. I skipped work today in your honor. Let’s see.

    1) Ideally, how many more children would you like to have?

    2) What is your dream job?

    3) How did you pick the girls’ names?

    4) Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself?

    Um…that’s all for now!

  5. pillarr1

    Feel better soon!

    Oh, good Q & A – here are my questions

    1. What is your sleeping routine with the girls – bedtime, do they get up at night, how many times, what time do they wake, do they eat at night, etc.

    2. How are you juggling working and mothering? I am considering going back to work and would like your thoughts (I only have one child who is 7 months old)

    3. Do you get to go out a lot at night? If so, who watches the girls? I don’t go anywhere at night so I am considering a babysitter.

    4. Do you let your girls watch cartoons/TV and if so how much? I let my daughter watch Spanish cartoons only and the occasional Mickey Mouse Club.

    5. Do you cook dinner every night or does your husband cook?

    6. How do you find time to do all of the things that you do in your life? You must have a lot of energy!



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