Fall Clothing

Did a little fall clothes shopping for the girls at the Ch.ldren’s Place. Here are two different looks and their prices- in case you wanted to know!



Top: $7.99 Pant: $12.99 Headband: $1.49


*Baby not included

*Baby not included

$19.50 Headband $1.49

Jumper: $19.50 Headband $1.49

*Suspicous look not included
*Suspicious look not included

5 thoughts on “Fall Clothing

  1. Sugar & Ice

    I also love Children’s Place. I think they’re pretty reasonable compared to Gymboree and BabyGap. I still only shop their clearance racks though, just like everywhere else. I got Lila and the twins a bunch of pjs there for less than $2.00 recently. I also got Lila several pairs of really cute shoes for less than $4.00. Plus, they’re always sending me coupons. Awesome store.

  2. Kirsten

    So cute!! They have tons of fall stuff out here which is so crazy because it won’t get near cold enough to wear any of it until late November…I’m scouring the sales for summer stuff that they can wear for a few more months!
    Totally cuties; they are getting so big!!!

  3. motheringmymiraclemultiples

    No matter what I try, Melissa will not keep a headband on. It ends up around her neck and then its just a weapon for Daniel.

    They look just adorable!!!


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