Check Up

OK- Mommy post. I warned you.


So yesterday was the girls 9 month check up. I took the day off from work- thank heavens…

Not happy they got shots.

Not happy they got shots.




No flash photography please

No flash photography please



Weight: 21.2 pounds (75-90th percentile)

Height:  29 inches (90-95th percentile)

Head Circumference: 45 ( 75th-90th percentile)

Worries:Neve has an inverted nipple but the doctor said not to worry. He said it may fix itself over time or she may have to get it fixed down the line.

I was also worried that she often tilts her head more to the right, he said that she will eventually outgrow it



Weight: 21.0 pounds (75-90th percentile)

Height:  28.4 inches (50-75th percentile)

Head Circumference: 42 ( 10th-25th percentile)

So I just plugged in those stats and Soleil’s head seems to be pretty small for her age. Weird. I just thought Neve’s head was huge.

Concerns: The girl hardly poops by herself. She literally poops HUGE rocks. We have to give her laxatives most of the time (poor baby). The Dr. said it was OK and that she will eventually be able to do it by herself.

So apparently I have not been feeding the girls enough solids. They get 2 solids a day in the form of 1 STAGE 2 baby food jars. He wants me to feed them 3 times a day.

He said it start giving them mashed potato’s, eggs, cottage cheese, chicken etc… I worry about choking hazards. So I tried to get over that fear and gave them some mashed potatoes yesterday. They both started to gag! I did wet it for them but it didn’t seem to help. Soleil liked it when we mixed it with some pureed sweet potato, but Neve was not having it. The faces she made were priceless! So any advice on what and how I should introduce thicker foods to them? I mean, they cant eat pureed foods forever. Like their Dr. said- they have teeth for a reason (although soleil still doesn’t have any).


I also find something else that happened very creepy.

So my girls pediatrician was my pediatrician as a child- and I only have good memories of him. When I ask him questions about the girls, he always answers nicely but then looks at the girls and then throws in a remark like- ” Tell your mommy to stop stressing. You are beautiful and healthy, If not- I will take you home and raise you”…. which pisses me off because it’s as if he is dismissing me and my fears and concerns.

And then he said something SO STRANGE. As he was checking my girls he was calling them delicious – but then said to them that they were sexy little girls.

OK- Since when does a pediatrician call 9 month olds sexy? I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he didn’t find the right words to say- since english is not his first language (although he has been here since 1970). But you know what they say- you always have to be weary of the people who work with children (esp considering we just found out that my mother’s best friend’s husband has been a  child molester for years and is now behind bars). So I am keeping my eye out. If he says those words again, I’m going to tell him I find that very inappropriate. I just think that he is a really great doctor- esp considering he was the head of my hospital’s NICU for many years.

Anyway moving away from weirdness…


I have now lost 7 pounds in a little over 4 weeks (Je.nny). This new program is very exciting and apparently works. I still have about 25 pounds more to go, but at least I know that it’s working!


7 thoughts on “Check Up

  1. KJandthekids

    Those girls are beautiful and their stats sound perfect.

    Ok, so that is creepy. I don’t like that he called them sexy either.
    I know this seems unfair but it’s different for another woman to call them delicious…but it seemed weird for him to call them delicious ! and then to follow it up with sexy.
    SO NOT OK !
    living here since July of 2008 is long enough to know that calling a little girl sexy is NOT ok !

  2. motheringmymiraclemultiples

    Way to go on the weight loss. I have been tempted to give j.nny a try myself.

    So, I am totally jealous about the girls sleeping through the night…

    Can you share your daily schedule with me? At this point I wil try ANYTHING!!!!!!!


  3. Sugar & Ice

    The girls seem to be moving along at a wonderful pace…just perfect.

    I don’t want to offend you, but the doc sounds really odd. I don’t think it’s normal for him to say he’s going to take them home and raise them himself, even if he has known you your entire life. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a man to call them delicious. And I especially think calling them “sexy” is way out of line. It doesn’t matter how long he’s lived here…he should know these things.

  4. Caba

    Ok … I’m kinda weirded out by the doctor too! That’s just … odd.

    Sounds like the girls are doing so good! Little chunky monks!

    I was so slow about offering solids. We didn’t go up till 3 meals a day until 9 months either … and my kids never ate Stage 3 foods. They gagged on them. They really liked regular table food that they could feed themselves better. Good luck!

    And congrats on the weight loss!

  5. Kirsten

    I have to agree with the others on the doctor…that’s just not right. He’s been here long enough to know, especially dealing with children on a daily basis, that sexy just isn’t a word associated with a child. And I know just how hard it is to find a good Pediatrician since we are on our third one already but you might want to start checking around.
    Oh, and Chayse has an inverted nipple, too! I keep hoping it’ll just pop out but no luck yet.
    My girls gagged on stage 3 and table foods at first, too. It’s scary to see but it seems to be quite common. Their teachers told me that most babies will do that just because they aren’t used to the texture. It took a couple of weeks but they finally grew out of that. Now they are chowing down on everything like pros!
    Huge congrats on the weight loss…it is a great feeling, isn’t it?!?!? I’m so glad you found a program you like, I’d definitely like to hear more about how it works (schedule, foods, etc.) since I have slipped on my diet in the past couple of months 🙂

  6. heather...

    Um, sexy?! Adorable, beautiful, cute, darling, squeezable – those are all acceptable, but sexy? That is just strange.

    I’m jealous that your girls are so big. Especially because I have a feeling those percentiles are for non-adjusted age. But I’m so glad that they are doing so well. I say it all the time, but I just want to smoosh those chubby cheeks!!!

  7. Furrow

    I forgot to update my RSS reader with your new address. No wonder I wasn’t seeing updates from you.

    Your girls are so big! When you adjust them to full term, they are completely off the charts!

    Yes, it is creepy that your doc calls a 9 month old sexy. He probably doesn’t mean it, but after so many years, he should know better.

    Zo used to have poop problems, but now that she is on so many solids, it flows. Oh, how it flows. Do they like finger foods? Try bits of bread and soft steamed veggies.


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