Movie Review Thursday

So last Saturday night, I went to see The Dark Knight on IMAX.

Obviously I was one of the only people left on earth who did not see the film. I figured there would not be a long line since it was the 3rd week out.


We arrived over an hour early (we as in my brother, my husband and myself) because my brother’s official nerd radar (he’s a huge nerd) and fellow Internet geeks told him that we needed to be there quite early to get seats. “The last thing you want is to be stuck sitting in the front row in an IMAX theater” – said an Internet friend of his.

The movie was at 8:45pm and we arrived at 7:20pm.

We were probably #200 on line.

While waiting on line, we were worried that we would get stuck sitting in the front row. And after heading the advice from Radioreched46 about sitting too close, we were worried we’d be screwed. My brother took out his geeked out phone and googled IMAX capacity. Turns out an IMAX theater can seat 800!

We breathed a sigh of relief as we made our way to a nice middle row.

One thing I MUST say is- if you are going to see this movie: SEE IT IN IMAX.

The screen was HUGE.

There were scenes that were specifically shot for the imax theater. It made you feel as though you were hovering over Gotham. That being said let’s get on to the review…

Dark Knight:

I thought I would be out of the loop since I didn’t see the first one- but I wasn’t.

I’m not usually an action movie type of gal, but this movie just made you want to see as much car-crashing, hospital exploding, window smashing, face burning as possible.

I was NOT crazy about Maggie Gyllenhall as the love interest. She was a bit annoying in the role and it just made me wonder why Katie Holmes refused to come back. I mean, I know that since she shot the first Batman film, she has become a mother and a wife. I wonder if she feels like the biggest idiot alive that she didn’t partake in what people think will be the largest growing movie of all time.

Christian Bale was great as Batman. I think my loyalty still resides with Michael Keaton (who by the way has disappeared from movies- where are you Micheal?) as Batman. Christian did a great job though.


But of course…..

Heath Ledger did an AMAZING job as the Joker.

What was so great about it was the fact that he played a character so unlike himself. His voice was completely different from anything you would expect. Heath decided to smear the Joker’s makeup on his face to make it look like something a serial killer would do hastily prior to a killing spree(much better than Nicholson’s perfectly lined lips). He just put his all into it . It was as if he morphed into the character. I also believe that the fact that he died added a whole new level of morbidity to the Joker.

I wont lie, I don’t think I would have seen this movie if Heath hadn’t passed away. I think this role (of a deranged killer), coupled with real life tragedy  is what peeks your curiousity to see the film . If his last role would have been in a situation comedy- I don’t think it would have been the hit that it was.

Overall I left the theater very satisfied. The film was exactly what I thought it would be.

Grade: A


5 thoughts on “Movie Review Thursday

  1. Jess

    Still havent seen it either but really want to. Our movie theater is about 1000 years old and we dont bother until we go to the mainland. Great reveiw, thanks!

  2. topcat

    I haven’t seen it either! I’m HANGING to see it, especially after reading your review. I actually planned to go last week, cooked dinner, bathed boys, etc ….. and then I FORGOT to go. WTF kind of idiot forgets she was going to the movies! *sigh*

    We have an IMAX up here, which is cool.


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