Guest Post Tuesday

Today, my guest writer is Heather from the Spohrs. I consider Heather my blogging BFF.

Why you ask? Well I’ll tell ya…

We both have been through pretty much the same year. Our daughters were born 2 days apart and they were all very premature. Me and H-nizzle (cause that’s what I call her- what you got a problem?) have similar personalities and have bonded pretty quickly. She is a HERO in my eyes. Her daughter Maddie- who by the way is the cutest baby of all time (my girls are just as cute though)- was in the hospital for over two months and her prognosis wasnt very good. Heather was told that Maddie was not going to make it.

 But guess what? Maddie made it and is making us all laugh with her signature smile. Heather should copyright that face:



Anywho… without further ado here is Heather’s guest post:

Despite living on opposite coasts, GeminiGirl and I have bonded over our preemies. They were born just two days apart (my daughter on Nov. 11, GeminiGirl’s girls on Nov. 13), and were almost at the same gestational age (mine almost 29 weeks, hers 30 weeks). We have tons in common besides that, but we talk the most about our girls. We both had to suffer through the NICU, but we like to focus on the positive aspects of preemies. And while of COURSE we would have loved it if our daughters had been born on time, they weren’t, so we must make the best of it!

So now I would like to present to you…

The Top Reasons Why Preemies Are Better Than Full Term Babies!

  •   You get to meet your baby sooner

Most people have to wait 40 weeks to meet their child, but not the parents of preemies! We get to see what they look like, what their personalities are like, what they like and what they hate much sooner than the parents of full-term babies. GeminiGirl and I had already spent over two months with our daughters by the time most full-term babies are born (Who needs to shell out $200 bucks for a 4-D ultrasound!)!

  •  You get to watch them develop

I watched my daughter’s eyelashes, eyebrows, and fingernails grow. I watched her get chubbier and longer. It was fascinating to watch her develop on “the outside.”

  •    Their clothes last longer

 This totally doesn’t apply to GeminiGirl’s giant babies! My daughter is still on the tiny size. She’s 8 ½ months old, but she still fits in size 0 –6 months clothes! I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of all those baby shower clothes, which is great, because some of them were adorable.

  •  You have an awesome “war story” that will make your child feel special and tough.

My daughter has lots of scars from the many procedures she underwent in the NICU. GeminiGirl’s daughters were teeny tiny when they were born. These are the types of things they will be able to brag about to their friends someday. They are miracles and should be treated like the kick-ass little kids that they are.

  • You get extra special attention at the Doctor’s office

Usually when you take your child to the pediatrician, you have to wait in a room full of sick kids. Not preemies! Once the nurse knows you are there with your “celeb”, they sneak you in to the head of the line.

  • You can call everyone else’s baby fat

Let’s face it. GeminiGirl lives in New York City. I live in Los Angeles. We know that Thin Is In.Our daughters were thin. When we see an adorably chubby newborn in a stroller on the street, we can gasp and say, “oh my gosh! Your baby is FAT!” The parents will beam with pride over their zaftig bundle of joy while the preemie parent secretly laughs at the diet that baby will some day have to go on.

  •      Instead of the usual “I went through 32 hours of labor” speech that most parents tell their kids when they’re bad, we’ll be able to say “Hey- I lay in the hospital for 6 weeks just so that you would come out healthy. I had to eat hospital food, have nurses give me a sponge bath in my hoo-ha, had to pee through a tube…” The list goes on and on…

Of course, the best part of being able to write about having a preemie is:

  •       Our children survived. Sadly, some do not. For the parents of the babies that make it through those rough early days, we appreciate them all the more.

No truer words have ever been spoken Heather….





6 thoughts on “Guest Post Tuesday

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  2. anna

    She does make a good point about the clothes lasting longer. I swear my kids changed sizes each week.

    I guess that still holds true for shoes. I know I just bought my oldest shoes yesterday and they are already too small today.

  3. staciet

    Bravo! I totally agree with all of the above. Preemies rock!

    I can relate to watching them develop. I remember distinctly when I first saw their nipples! (we didn’t see them one day, and the next, they were there. I was amazed and fascinated!)

    **I could also add that you become very familiar with the metric system. (for all the US moms, that is saying something)

    I am nutty enough to still use it. I had to buy a scale that weighs in kilos to feed my obsession. Hey, what can I say, it is more exact. Now, I guess the real question is why does it have to be so exact?!!? (that is where the nutty comes in. I am nutty!)

    **Every milestone is even more impressive when a preemie achieves it (as compared to their term counterparts), especially when they do something that is close to an actual age milestone.


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