When I was a child throughout my first year of college, My dream was to be an actress. I loved it. I was one of the stars of my high school play (granted, I played a man- but I was in an all-girls school so I call that being a “character actor”) and the rush I felt from acting and singing was amazing. When I was 18 years old, I auditioned for a film called “Queen of the Night” which was to star Mariah Carey (pre ‘glitter’- but probably would have been just as bad). I got a call back and they were going to cast me as her best friend (because I “had a look that you couldn’t place an ethnicity to”).

Anyway, I became way too excited. I told EVERYONE who would listen that I was going to be a “star”. Then, the production fell through. I was left feeling like a huge loser when everyone asked me what was going on with my movie.

Lesson learnt: Never EVER tell anyone of something that you are planning before it becomes a reality.

Originally I was set to be a Theater Major. But when I realized that there wasn’t much you could actually do with a degree in theater (besides teaching) I switched majors.

I decided to be a TV/RADIO major. Since this isn’t too specific, I could feel my way around the courses and eventually settle into something.

I did wonderfully in my classes. TV was something I knew and when I would learn something new it actually made sense to me (unlike math). My last semester of college, I was an intern for a very big movie company (they made a famous movie about a ring). The women who I was working under were my age (I graduated at the age of 24 due to my taking 2 years off because I was living with my husband in Israel) and were really really mean to me.

There was one girl in particular that just did not like me. You know those people that just don’t like you no matter what you do? I think I am a likable person for the most part, but I have def been hated by 2 people for no reason (her and a sorority sister). This evil employee of this movie company made sure to drive me crazy. If I photocopied something for her, she would tell me it wasn’t done right and made me redo it maybe 7o times. Now mind you, another one of the girls I was working under was really sweet and pretty much told me the other one was a bitch. I spent 3 full days there a week for 3 months. I walked 3o blocks to get theater tickets for a client, I distributed paperwork, picked up coffee- did whatever they wanted. I ended up with the “worst intern review” in my professor’s history as a teacher (I am quoting).

I was so hurt. I did so well, but she just had it out for me.

It had me thinking that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the business. I mean surely, everyone was going to be like her weren’t they?

After I graduated I ended up working for a huge media company. I was intimidated at first, but everyone made me feel as though I fit in. I even worked closely for the COO of a very large news network who loves me. Every time he sees me, he gives me a huge hug (not usually something you do in corporate America- but he doesn’t care). He even hugged my husband when he met him last month for the first time.

I now work in a different division of the company. A company I have longed to be in for a VERY LONG TIME. So yes, although I am not doing exactly what I want to do (I am after all an assistant), I am the assistant to one of the most powerful people in the company.

And my dream you ask?

Oh, it’s changed.

I like to think of myself as artistic.

And being in the position that I am in- I have the opportunity to display that side of myself. I am in the midst of working on something rather important. Something that has been a part of my life for the last 14 years. And if it works, well…. then my dreams will have come true.

So of course, I cannot tell anyone what it is (I know, I am a huge party pooper) but please root for me in the back of your minds. This may take an assistant and turn her into something else completely. Something that I have dreamed of for many years (not acting). Turning my dreams into a reality. If so, it just goes to show that just because you are married and have children does not mean that all your dreams fall thought the cracks.

What is your dream?


8 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Heather

    I secretly want to be a back-up singer. I would get to sing every night, but I wouldn’t have to worry about paparazzi or fame. Don’t tell anyone.

  2. Pillarr1

    My dream was to be an attorney. I always thought of all the important cases I would work on and briefs I would write. I wanted to argue my motions in court and do trials. I really wanted to wear suits everyday, drive a nice car, and buy a cool house. I also thought of all the great places that I could travel because I made a lot of money. This was my dream.

    I made my dream come true. I graduated from law school in the 90s, worked at a big firm, had a nice car and house, made a lot of money and traveled when I could. I HATED IT – I HATED IT – I HATED IT

    I worked insane hours and almost every weekend, had no friends except a few people at the firm, I had no boyfriend (no time for that due to all of the hours I had to bill), I had constant stomach aches and migraines. I made a lot of money but I lived right up to my means.

    Now that is all behind me. After I left firm life, I got married and I have a 5 month old baby after 3 grueling years of IVF. I don’t work now but I was working for the federal govt. after I left private practice when I lived in the North East. We move a lot – my husband is in the Army. I just moved to Georgia after having moved 4 times since 2005.

    My family is my dream and I am living it right now! I hope all of your dreams come true!!

  3. feistycali

    I secretly (or not so secretly since I tell everyone) think I would be an AWESOME spy, that or a professional dancer. Alias was and always will be my fav tv show, I could so do what Jennifer Garner did!

    Good for you, follow your dreams, too many people are too afraid to go for it, so go for it, it will be worth it :).

  4. K J and the kids

    Is this one of those…..If I say I’m pregnant before 3 months it’s bad luck.
    STOP IT ! Tell me !

  5. Sugar&Ice

    Congratulations on whatever this is! I can’t wait for more info!!

    I don’t really know what my dream career is, but my dream in general is just to be happy with life..truly happy.

  6. Topcat

    Ooooh, Gemini the suspenders are killing me.

    I reckon I know what it is … I’ve been reading your blog since before your BFP and I think you mentioned it once before. GOOD LUCK with it, whatever it is.

    My dream is to be a published author. I have only started telling people recently, because it always felt out of my reach.

    But NOTHING is out of our reach, dontch think?



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