My Trip in Pictures: Part 1

I don’t want to get into long winded stories of my trip, so I will include some pictures and a caption of sorts:

Me and my cousin B at the airport. She had brought balloons for the girls, one of sponge*bob and another weird shaped one. They flew away:

B and her husband- totally love them together:

My husband’s aunt Dina (his mom’s sister who used to be my aunt. If you don’t know what that means go back a few posts): We arrived and stayed by my husband’s Uncle’s house. They are the most AWESOME people in the universe. His uncle had a kidney transplant a year and a half ago and thank GD seems to be doing well now:

They have a separate apt for us. These signs were on the door. Red one says all our names, green one says “welcome” but sans the E, and the blue one says “We missed you very much”: Flower’s & Balloon we believed were for us (until I read the card on the flowers and realized they were from my husband’s cousin’s boyfriend for herbday):

But the chocolates, cookies and fruit WERE for us… or so we hope since we ate all the chocolate:Presents for our girls:That first night was TOUGH. They cried non-stop from 12-4am. I wanted to shoot myself in the head: S’s tummy hurt so we had to give her a laxative:

After she poopied:

The next day we took the girl’s to my grandfather’s house. Strange for me to say that as my grandmother is no longer here. Many of my aunt’s & uncles were there to greet us. This is my mother’s side of the family.. all her sisters & their kids.

My mom’s sister is holding Neve. To the right is her 18 yo son who is severely autistic. He is a sweetheart. To the bottom right is another aunt’s 3 year old daughter (my little cousin who is the baby of the family- but not so much anymore) :

To the left is another one of my mom’s sisters. She is hugging her son who is 5. My mother was so happy to see us- she is crazy about her granddaughters:

4 of my cousins in the picture plus another one of my mom’s sisters (she is my favorite aunt ever). The two boys dressed in black are her sons. The one that is closest to Soleil is 11 and was an IVF baby. She is the aunt I turned to when I was going through ivf. Her other son pictured was conceived 3 months after she gave birth to her ivf baby- naturally! she was in the shock of her life when she found out she was pregnant:
My mom’s youngest sister. She is so cool. She is only 38 years old, which makes her 11 years older than me. She has an 18 yo, 17 yo a 15 yo and this next adorable cutie:
How cute is she?:

Me, my grandfather and the girls:

My mom and Sol: My husband and Neve:
I took this picture of a picture. In it are my grandmother’s parents when they were young. My great grandmother who is in this picture is still alive and well:

This picture is of my grandparents a few years after they married. Notice my white grandmother’s afro. You ask where I get it from? GD how i miss her…

Me & Soleil. She is actually smiling

My husband’s sister & Soleil:

My husband’s cousin (daughter of those we stayed by). She has been married and TTC for 6 years. Only recently they found out it’s a problem with her husband. They will be trying ivf soon, i helped her through:
Soleil not having it when a sweet baby wants to touch her:
Neve eating her fist watermelon

Out to lunch with my mom, favorite aunt, hubby & the girls (had a greek salad):
Fave aunt & mom:

Daddy playing with Soleil: The second set of twins:

My husband’s uncle (to the right) had a BBQ in our honor and invited a few relatives. Here my husband is in mid- convo with his uncle and dad:

My husband’s aunt (the one we are staying by) handing crying soleil over to her father:

Trying to make her happy,giving her an ices for the first time. She doesn’t seem to like it:

My husband’s youngest sister (1/2 sister) with Neve:
A pic of maybe 1/4th of my husband’s family:
The next day, we were invited (my mother included) to lunch at his dad’s house.

My father-in-law, his wife, and my husbands 1/2 sister:

BTW- My father-in-law’s wife is BY FAR the biggest dodo I have ever met. She is. When my husband was having a conversation with her about astrological signs and how Soleil is already showing signs that she is a scorpio- she asked, “So what sign is Neve?”

Umm.. they’re twins.

Neve not wanting to participate in a 3 generation picture:
So many more pictures…. Way too tired. Will continue post tomorrow


6 thoughts on “My Trip in Pictures: Part 1

  1. Heather

    I LOVE pictures! I feel like I was on the trip with you. I just can’t believe how big your girls are, Maya! That must be such a relief.

  2. Chas

    Thanks for sharing…so many pictures it’s hard to even comment. One thing I noticed is that everyone is so cute…even the adults!

    How interesting that your cousin is autistic…that might explain your brother’s slightly autistic tendencies.

  3. lori

    wow! your families are BEAUTIFUL!

    your little girls are just so adorable. i love those cheeks. i’m trying to catch up since you got back from your trip, but i’ll just put one comment here. my DD was a big baby, too, and she was a little bit slow on motor skills…until she walked. she walked at 12 months (but didn’t roll until 6 months and never really crawled…she slithered 😉 and has been a veritable tornado since then. she’s all caught up on her motor skills and then some. try not to worry (i know this is impossible).

  4. Keeping The Faith

    Thanks for sharing. The pictures are great. You both have beautiful families! And your girls are so cute. I can’t wait to follow them and see them grow into little girls.

    And just once…for your blogger friends 😉 i think you should smile for the camera w/ teeth showing…you are absolutely gorgeous and much to critical of yourself. (although i can see how certain comments from family could hurt ones self image)



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