Attack of the Giant Baby!

On Saturday, I had a Dr.’s appointment for the girl’s 7th month check up.

7 months- insane.

So, I always go with a list of questions and concerns. The Doctor thinks I’m neurotic. I think I’m neurotic. Although to tell you the truth, I am a pretty laid back mom when I am not at the Dr.’s office. I don’t get stressed when my kids have fever, and I don’t care to make their formula from tap water (gasp) if I have no boiled water around. I also don’t care if they share bottles and pacifiers (without me washing them)!

I also believe that I need to give the doctor a nickname. As I have stated before, my girl’s pediatrician was my own. He was my pediatrician from the day I was born until I was old enough to be embarrassed to be seen in his office. I only have good memories of him. He was always so nice and patient. He also had an E.T Sticker on his stethoscope. I loved that sticker. So therefore I will call him Dr. E.T.

The truth of the matter is, I don’t think he remembers me as a child. It’s not that he’s old- he’s in his 50’s, but with the insane amount of patients he has I truly don’t blame him. Moving on.

Every time I go there and put the girls on the examining table- they cry hysterically- like they know what’s coming. They know that this place is not one of pleasure but of pain. Rightfully so, they always get a vaccine for something or other. But he does pick them up and kiss them. He loves babies.

So you want to hear this?


Neve: 19 lbs, 27.5 inches

Soleil: 19 lbs, 26.5 inches

You know what this means?

Neve is in the 78th percentile for weight & 79th for height!

Soleil is in the 78th percentile for weight & 44th for height!

I find this crazy because these girls were born @ 3 pounds! How the heck did they get to the 78th percentile?

My doctor says that it is just their predisposition, that they are big babies (tall, not fat). I asked him how that makes sense seeing as though they are preemies. He said to look behind that- that it has nothing to do with their birth weight. I guess I don’t get it but OK.

I was worried about it until he said “Well you should be happy not stressed. That means they are healthy and growing and are getting the nutrition they need”. He said that it would all even out when they get taller.

Then as I was about to walk out of the exam room I ran into a mother who asked me how old my girls were. When I said 7 months, she said “They’re big babies!”. I told her that they were preemies and were born 10 week early. She said they didn’t look it.
Doctor ET overheard and said to the mother “You see that, and she’s stressing about it”

It’s strange to hear that my girls are “Big babies”- considering all that I went through with them being premature and weighing so little. I spent months worrying about their weight gains. Now, thank GD it’s behind us.

Dr. E.T says that the girls are doing well developmentally (thank the lord). I worry about Neve not rolling over and having the motor skills Soleil has- but the Dr. said that Neve is bigger (this was my small baby!) and is just clumsier than Soleil. He said she should be doing the same in a month’s time. Overall he was happy with their development and said that he will see me in 2 months time.

Foods they can now eat:


chicken (not sure how to make it for them- purchased a processor- need tips!)

fruit juice

Notice how I didn’t post anything about Father’s Day. Apparently my husband does not like celebrating ANYTHING! Not father’s day, his birthday, anniversary etc. He is like the Grinch but sans the Santa hat.

So we didn’t go anywhere or do anything for that matter. I did get myself some pretty nifty eyeglasses though (I wear them for TV & driving). Will post a pic when I get them this week. They are super funky, and not sure if they are really me.
Hope you all had a great father’s day!

10 thoughts on “Attack of the Giant Baby!

  1. Kirsten

    That is awesome!! They are doing so great; I am proud of them…premies, unite! You know, when I first had the girls I had SO many people tell me how their premie babies turned out to be rather large (like you said…not fat, just tall and, well big). Strange.
    Have you tried the Gerber puffs for a snack (for the girls…ha!)? At first, I would break them up into pieces but now they eat them whole and LOVE them. They are also eating yogurt and some goldfish here and there. I need to work on table foods. My friend has a baby around their age and he is eating everything they (the parents)eat. No more baby food. Not sure if I am ready for that though.
    Congrats on those big, healthy girls!!!

  2. Mike

    Man, Heather and I seriously need to know what you are feeding these kids! Maddie was born seven months ago at 3 pounds as well but she is still pretty skinny.

    Re: your hubby…doesn’t he realize this is one of the few holidays a year that a man can make his wife eat at the kind of restaurant she normally wouldn’t even think of entering let alone eating at?

  3. Chas

    This is great news!! Pretty soon they’ll have caught up with Lila…she only weighs 25 pounds and has always been in the 40ish percentiles for weight and 70-80ish percentiles for height. You knew that they’d eventually catch up and outgrow that preemie status, and it sounds like they have…how terrific!

    YoBaby yogurt was one of Lila’s very favorite foods when she was younger. I’m sure they’ll love it. I never made my own meat baby food for Lila. I used meat baby food (gross…so smelly) in a jar for a while, and when she had a some teeth I’d give her cooked meat cut into tiny pieces. I’d say Lila was a little older than your girls when I started giving her the pieces of meat though..probably closer to a year old.

  4. Heather

    HOLY COW! They are huge. HUGE! That is so great, Maya! I would say I agree with your doc and that you shouldn’t be neurotic, but considering what you went through, it’s your right!

  5. Jamie

    Big girls! 🙂 It just means they are healthy.

    When I started Bo on chicken I boiled it and then pureed in the food processer with baked sweet potatoes. A chicken/sweet potato blend. The chicken plain was just yuckie looking, smelly, and an odd consistency. Adding the sweet potato really helped and it makes it seem like more of a real meal.

  6. Pillarr1

    I am so glad they are doing so well and gaining weight. Don’t have any tips on food yet. My little one is almost 5 months and in the 90th percentile for weight and height (she is 18 pounds). Still on rice cereal occasionally. I heard that it is easy to put fresh food through the food processor and then put it into an ice cube tray. That way you can take out what you need each day.

  7. K J and the kids

    So glad to hear they are doing so great.
    Think of all of the time you save by not having to plan or shop for those holidays. What a great husband 🙂 ha ha

  8. Here I am

    That’s pretty cool that your girls’ pediatrician was yours… So congrats on their growth- that is great news! Can’t wait to hear how they are going to like that boiled chicken (ick : )


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