So we leave tomorrow and NO I have yet to pack. I cant pack in advance like I used to because the girls pretty much use all their day-to-day stuff. I did pack their awesome new clothes (I swear they have more than me and my husband put together). My husband has yet to do the laundry as well. He will today. Yes- he is the one that does the laundry. We are equal opportunity employers.

Tonight I pack.

I am really looking forward to leaving. For the most part- it’s because I am SUPER family oriented, and I miss my family with a passion. I never grew up with my family. My parents moved here alone from Israel in the 70’s. That meant- no holidays with the grandparents, the aunt, uncles, cousins. And I have MANY. Think of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with more cousins. Yes- more.

So to make up for this, we would go to Israel every summer when we were growing up. They were the best memories. It was always hot, and there were so many cousins to play with- and grandparents who would shower you with attention because they hardly ever saw you. We played outside all the time (very rare to play outside when you live in NY) and it was so carefree. As an adult I still feel the same way when I go there. When I am with my family I feel like I belong to a group. Like I belong somewhere.

And to make it even better- I LOVE my husband’s family as if they were my own (with the exception of his brother of course). So just spending time with them- and introducing our girls to them is going to be great.


So yes- today is packing day.

I am also looking forward to getting 2 weeks off of work. My brain is frazzled. Being a new mom to twins, while working full time is not an easy task. I just feel like I am in constant motion. When I finally rest my feet at the end of the day- it feels unnatural.

I have to look after my girls, my husband and my boss and my memory is NOT what it used to be at all. I feel like I am at my wits end having to care for everyone.

But you know what? I def feel happy. I don’t think I could have ever really said that before. But these girls have filled my heart up and bring joy into my world and I thank GD every day.

Anyway guys, I have a question:

Anything I need to pack with me for my trip for the girls? I don’t want to forget something.

BTW have any of you ever given your kids benadryl for the flight. Many of my friends do- to help their kids sleep through the flight.. but I think I would be too worried.

BTW- Here are pictures of Soleil trying out her rolling skills yesterday. Now that she knows how to do it- she is a roll over machine! she wont stop! I had to put the sleep positioner back in her crib- and she was NOT happy about it in the least. She cried for at least 30 minutes.

Here she is trying to roll over. Her sister is in the way, and this makes her frustrated- although she still tries to roll onto Neve:

Neve with fear in her eyes:
Damn it- you’re in my way!

BTW- This picture is of Neve this morning. She almost always has that startled/scared look in her eyes


9 thoughts on “Packing

  1. K J and the kids

    Well my rule is, if you forget it, you can either live without it, borrow or buy a new one.

    Why use the wedge ? Once they roll over, doctors usually say…oh well, let them sleep on their stomachs.

    Good luck getting it all done tonight. I can’t wait to hear how it all goes, including the flight.

  2. Chas

    Things to remember for your trip…all the baby meds (fever reducer, teething tablets, etc.). Don’t forget sun hats and sunscreen since it’ll probably already be very warm there. Lots of diapers and wipes. Gosh, I don’t even know.

    I personally probably wouldn’t use the Benadryl. I say that only b/c Lila has never had any Benadryl, so I wouldn’t know how she’d react to it,and I doubt that testing it out for the first time in an airplane flying over the ocean would be the best idea. If you’ve tried it on your girls already and know that they aren’t allergic, then you’ll probably be OK to give them some if they’re not behaving.

  3. Heather

    HAAAAA! I am cracking up at Neve’s scared expression! I haven’t flown with Maddie yet, but Benadryl would make me nervous, too. Bring infant motrin! When we were going to fly with Maddie earlier this year, her doc told us to be sure to give her a bottle on take off and landing – it helps with their ears.

    Otherwise…just make sure you bring the things you couldn’t get over there, like meds & such, and then don’t stress too much about forgetting something. If you forget something important, you can always buy it there.

    I’m going to miss you!!! I like the new layout!

  4. kyky7079

    I have flown 3000 miles plus with both of my kids multiple times and have never used medication of any kind. Besides – some kids react to benadryl with sleepiness some with hyperactivity and then what would you do? πŸ™‚ As far as packing – everyone else has said it – meds, diapers and wipes. Everything else really you could get there if you happen to have forgotten it. Have a safe trip and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Nearlydawn

    Did you ever get a list to use to pack? I have one I stole from online, see below, I’ve used it for 2 trips, and did pretty good. I’m with the other ladies though, pack the essentials and buy whatever you need while there.

    Baby bath and lotion (small bottles)
    Baby blanket(s)/receiving
    Baby sling
    Baby wipes
    Bottled Water
    Onsies / Pants
    Fancy Outfits
    Collapsible stroller
    Food, formula, water and/or juice
    Diaper rash cream
    Nightlight (we found this very useful in our hotels)
    Sun hat and sun screen
    Pack n’ Play
    Bouncy Seat
    BE SURE any liquids are packed IN A ZIPLOC!

  6. Kirsten

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! Geez, I am overwhelmed just packing for our long weekend at the coast so I can only imagine what you are going through. And I hate that I can’t pack ahead of time either…everything is so last minute since it’s all in use. I think nearlydawn covered it all; I have no idea what the weather is like in Isreal right now but be sure to consider that. I know every time I’ve packed just shorts for the girls, a cool front rolls in and I kick myself for not packing at least a sweater for them.
    Have a blast with your family!!! the colorful zig-zag pj’s Soleil is sporting AND they have a zipper which Daniel prefers…what brand are they? It’s getting harder to find sleep clothes for the girls now that they are finally in 9-12 month stuff.

  7. Malky B.

    I agree with KJ – usually once a baby can turn over it’s okay for them to lay anyway they want to. They can now move themselves should they have trouble breathing. Check with your doc first of course.

    Have a great time in Israel!

  8. Caba

    I miss you all! I changed my blog url, so I wanted to leave a comment so that you can get there when you get back! Hope you are having an amazing trip.


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