OK so after my post a few days ago, I decided to bid on a new & PINK Combi stroller. I mean, you can always find something better if you spend more money, but mine was $170 bucks with shipping.

It came yesterday, and so did our lovely new camera!


Can you sense soleil’s excitement? (left)

Now no one will ask me if I have two boys. Come to think of it people ask us if they are boys when they see the girls wearing pink.

Anyway- we know it wont outlast a nuclear holocaust (like the Graco Quatro)- it’s temporary. If it lasts us a year, then that is still money well spent. We just needed something that didn’t weigh 12,000 pounds for our trip (BTW would love tips of what to take for my girls for the trip).

We also got a new camera (obviously these purchases was made prior to my husband’s news yesterday. Im sensing we wont be buying anything new for along time):

A new camera makes me so happy! We had one from 2004, and it is bulky and horrible. With all the pictures we take, we needed a new one

My trip is a few days away and naturally, I have not packed. I usually like to pack the night before. But considering I now have two children to pack for (add that to the husband I usually pack for as well) that’s about 75 people to pack for. Wow- the job of a mother.

Anyway, i didn’t tell you about my Wednesday night.

So we had a company party. Some of you may have guessed who the celeb performer was. I was so excited- I got all dolled up and me and my husband actually went out at night for the first time since our girls were born.We were going to paint the town red.

The party started at 9pm. He was supposed to perform at 11pm. I know this was way past my usual bedtime of whenever my head hits the pillow, but it was supposed to be worth it.

11pm comes and goes. 11:30pm comes and goes. No performer. Every 30 minutes someone would get on stage to say “he’ll be here in a few minutes”- BS.. Such a diva.

At 12:15am we called it quits and left- without seeing the performance. Apparently he came on at 12:40am! I mean, that’s fine and dandy(did I just write dandy?) for young, unmarried, or childless couples, but we were just so tired and out of it. I feel asleep in the car.

Turns out once he did get on- he was great- and there were a few other celebs there as well. Whatever. The only person I would stay up until the crack of dawn for is for my one and only.

One fun thing that I did do that night (other than eating a mini cupcake… yumm) was sing a karaoke song. I love karaoke. If its in the right note, I can sing my ass off. My fave karaoke song to sing is Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi. I’m such a show off.


10 thoughts on “

  1. Chas

    Great choice with the stroller! I love it!! Since your last post about strollers, I have done some research on what to do stroller-wise with a toddler and two infants, and I think I’ve found some solutions…just not sure which are best.

    That is truly crummy that he didn’t show up on time. Very unprofessional. I wouldn’t stay up late to see him anyway..but I would stay late for Chris Brown!! That would have been awesome!

  2. K J and the kids

    Love the stroller.
    Hope the camera works well for you.

    I want to know who the celeb was ?

  3. Heather

    Oh Maya, Kareoke? We really are meant to be best friends. I could Karaoke every night.

    I love the new stroller. I get asked if Maddie is a boy a lot. It doesn’t matter if she is wearing a dress with a bow in her hair while she’s riding in her pink stroller, people still ask. I don’t get it!

  4. kyky7079

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. We have a combi double stroller and it lasted more than a year travelling to see my family in Hawaii several times – and then going across country to Florida. I think you will be happy with it – and the girls look like dolls! Karaoke is a blast. We go a lot – and even bought a system for our house!

  5. Furrow

    Cute stroller. I got Zo’s at a consignment store and it’s blue. Even more gender confusion.

    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s job. That really sucks. I hope he is able to find something even better.

  6. Melissa

    Thanks for leaving us a comment on our blog! I came to check out your blog and the first thing I noticed was that your girls are sooooo gorgeous! The second thing was that we have the same stroller….only ours is blue, of course! I cannot say enough great things about this stroller! I have had mine for over a year and it is still in fabulous shape! Great choice!

  7. Topcat

    Hey you!

    Thank you for your beautiful comments, made me cry. I KNOW you have been thinking of me, I have felt it.

    Thank you for reminding me that the birth of a child should be joyful, I had seriously forgotton. It’s like … Monkey Who??

    I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful trip away. Take lots of photos on your dandy new camera.


  8. Here I am

    Cute stroller and your girls are too cute! sorry you missed the big celeb’s performance but you got to get dolled up and go out! Tomorrow night my mom is babysitting for the first time so Dave and I can have a date night- it’s been too long! I’m so looking forward to wearing make up and heels again!


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