Half full?

OK- Glass half full….
My husband lost his job today. “Downsizing”aka boss who could in a heartbeat find someone else to replace my husband for less money. My husband has been with this company for 3 years now. His assh*ole boss is giving him until September (just when his school semester begins).
This is not a career. He works for a flower wholesaler while attending school. He was getting paid nice money. He is going to school to get a degree so that he can have job security. This is an example of how not having a degree/career can effect you in a drop of a hat.
I am worried, but I have to put on a brave face. We have so many bills and expenses, and there is NO WAY we could live off of my paycheck alone. And there is NO WAY I will let him lose another semester of school (he took this semester off bec of the girls). He should not sacrifice his schooling in any way, shape or form. Putting off school will only prolong these types of jobs and these types of layoffs.
*I just spoke with my father as I was writing this post. I sobbed and told him what had happened. He said he could supply my husband with a part- time job with his company. My father started a “company” two years ago, and named it after my husband. He had a business partner at first, whose son had the same uncommon name as my husband- so it only made sense to name the company after them (plus his name means lightning in Hebrew so it sounded good).
Anyway- my father and his business partner parted ways, so my father is currently the owner and only employee. My father also happens to be 65 years old- so I am sure he would like to have some help. And my husband is also like the son my father never had (as my brother is not quite what my father had expected from a son). So as of September, my husband will work with my dad 3 days a week. This is super perfect bec my husband will be in classes 3 days a week. I mean we wont be making the same money as before which means we will be just barely paying the bills- but that’s fine by me as long as he’s working toward his degree (studying mechanical engineering).

My husband is a bit apprehensive about working with family- but I say it will save our asses. We have two mouths to feed and he needs to take what he can get. Maybe a new job could mean weekends at home? He usually works Saturday’s, so this would be nice.
Anyway, I feel much better.
But of course, I cant complain. These are only monetary problems.

4 thoughts on “Half full?

  1. Chas

    Maybe this is just a blessing in disguise. To lose a job and immediately have another fall into your lap…that doesn’t happen often, especially not in this economy. Plus, though working with family might be hard at times, it might allow a little more flexibility. Plus, he has all summer to look around for another job if that’s what he wants to do.

  2. K J and the kids

    I’m so sorry ! That is not something you want to worry about.
    I’m glad that your dad was able to help him out. Who knows where you will end up now.
    Oh the journey’s life takes you on !

  3. Heather

    Hey, problems are problems. You always have the right to complain, and we will always listen. That’s what we’re here for!


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