Stroller plus Fun fact!

My girls were born 6 months ago today- it feels like yesterday.

But the post will not be about them.
So TWIN mommies- what stroller do you have? Why is it so difficult to find a good double stroller that does not weigh a ton (and in pink!)?
Mine is the Graco Quatro (weighs 39 pounds). It is one behind the other, so its easier to manuver through hallways and doors, but it is way too bulky.

Graco Quatro:

This is the exact same stroller I have in the same color. I am sick of people asking if I have two boys (I thought it was a nuteral color!)

Anyway- which one do you have and do you like it?

Moving on….

Fact: Did you know that when I was a child, I was afraid that Michael Jackson (pre- molestation charges) would jump out at me from behind the shower curtain?

True story.


9 thoughts on “Stroller plus Fun fact!

  1. twinboysmom


    I have the Combi Twin Savvy and the Jeep Tandem. Both are side by side though but I prefer side by side to front to back. I like that they can interact with each other and it’s easier for me to give them both snacks/drinks. I fit through all doors too. I have boys so my colors are black (Jeep) and gray (Combi) but I know Combi has a lot of different colors. I also have a jogger but I don’t like it because the front wheel doesn’t turn.


  2. Rachel Inbar

    I have the cosco/geoby twin stroller (front & back) for kids of different ages. It’s HEAVY and doesn’t steer that well, but it was the only one that would fit in the elevator. For my twins I had a side-by-side that I loved (happened to be Graco). My SIL loves her Peg Aria (she has 2 sets of twins & so she’s gone through plenty of twin strollers).

  3. K J and the kids

    I have a graco as well. I also have an umbrella side by side but it doesn’t have the ability to get through doors and aisle ways.
    I just deal with the bulk of the graco.

  4. Chas

    I am so confused as for what to do about a stroller. Lila still rides in a stroller…I can’t keep up with her otherwise. I have no idea what do get.

  5. es

    My kids are 4 months old today!

    I haven’t bought a side-by-side yet, my kids use the double snap n’ go with their car seats. But I think I’m going to get the Baby Jogger City Mini. It is lightweight (23 pounds?) and steer-able.

  6. Kirsten

    I have the exact same stroller but mine is silver and black (my car seats are black, silver and red) & people always assume I have boys as well but I didn’t want pink overload. I have to admit I am sick of pushing that thing around though…it feels like a train. But,I do love having it. I went and bought 2 umbrella strollers and it is SO much nicer to just push around one of those but, of course, you have to have two people to go anywhere with those. I also have the side by side jogger but I don’t take it out, it’s just for the neighborhood. Let me know what you decide as I’ll probably be in the market for a different one in a few months!

  7. Noelle

    Sorry, I don’t have twins, so I can’t advise on the stroller… but the Michael Jackson thing is too funny!

    When I was a kid, I once saw a life-size cardboard cutout of the band KISS, and from then on I was afraid that the cutout was under my bed. Not the actual band… the cardboard cutout. Go figure…


  8. Topcat

    Oh, the laugh I just had about MJ behind the shower curtain.




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