I was listening to the radio the other day when I was shopping in a store.

They were doing a segment on couples/ practical joke.

A woman called in, and said she believed her husband was cheating on her with his boss. She says that his boss calls way too much, even on weekends and that he works long hours.

So the radio DJ disguised as a flower company, called the husband (while the wife was quiet on the line) and said that they were having a promotion, and were giving away a free bouquet of flowers to the first 50 costumers on their list. At first he was suspicious, and asked where they got his name from. The DJ answered “from a random list”.

The husband went along and believed this.

The DJ asked if he had someone to send it to.

The husband responded “Of course”

The DJ said that he needed the name, address, and message of the recipient.

This is where is got bad.

The husband said “Make it out to Patti (his boss is Patricia) and have it say ‘Dear Patti, I enjoy working UNDER you’

The husband proceeded to laugh and also asked if they could throw in a box of chocolates!

OMG his wife must have wanted to die!

His wife then made herself be known, and the husband was in SHOCK. He said that his boss has been ‘sexually harassing him’ and he needed to play the game in order not to lose his job. OH COME ON NOW.

Could he have not made up a better excuse?

I felt so bad for his wife. I wanted to crawl into a hole- for her!

Poor girl (she sounded young).

What a way to find out.

I just don’t get guys who cheat. I mean, if your going to do it- why stay with your partner? My husband’s brother (the one who just had twins) cheated on his wife with his boss as well. But he was IN LOVE with his boss and told his wife (after she found out) that he had never loved someone the way he loved his boss. I think an emotional affair is worse than a physical one.. actually, in my opinion they are on the same spectrum.

I don’t know why my sister in law stayed with him. At the time, she took their son and left. Everyone around him said that he was losing such a great woman and that he was breaking up their family. But truthfully, I don’t think he cared. He apparently was in love for the first time in his life. I find that sad though. I mean, he married his wife when he was 22, they had been dating since they were 17. She got to a point where she wanted to break up or get married. I guess he chose to marry her, but never truly loved her. So I guess he was experiencing love for the first time in his life.

But how sad is that? I mean how much love could he have possibly be in. Of course his boss/ girlfriend was great- she wasn’t the one to ask him to throw out the garbage, or take care of the kids, or complain about money…

Anyway, he went back to his wife and said that he broke it off with his girlfriend. He said he would make an attempt to change his ways (not coming back home at 2am after hanging out with his friends, etc.). My sister-in-law is not self sufficient. She is very old fashion and obviously didn’t want to get a divorce, and take care of herself and a child. So they got back together and a year later apparently became pregnant with twins. I doubt that having 3 kids now will change him. I hope it does, for her sake.


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  1. Heather

    Ugh, Ryan Seacrest does that on his morning radio show here. Whenever it’s on I change the station.

  2. Kirsten

    They do that every Thursday on a station here in Houston…War of the Roses is what it is called and I have had the suspicion the past few times that it is totally rigged. I mean, how can they find THAT many people (they’ve done this for at least 2 years now)that will accept a call from a so-called telemarketer with no reserve? I guess I maybe hope they are rigged because 90% of the time, the person is cheating. I don’t really get either why you’d stay married if you want to cheat…I guess trying to get the best of both worlds??? Eventually it all comes crashing down though.
    I definitely agree that emotional affair would hurt SO much more than a physical (though both would suck, for sure). To hear your husband say he’s in love with someone else has to be a knife to the heart. I hope he has changed his ways.

  3. Chas

    I cannot believe people still fall for that. I heard that done on the radio years ago…maybe it’s a trend.

    While I don’t want to judge every single person that have ever cheated, I think most cheaters probably don’t learn after the first time. I also seriously doubt he was “in love” with his boss. It was probably an exhilarating relationship, something new and different, and maybe even fun since it was secret. It was lust…and lust probably seems fun at the time. It’s just such an immoral thing to do. Hopefully, he’s rethought his actions and realizes that it was wrong.

  4. Anns

    That would just devastate me.
    It’s so hard to trust anyone these days. I only hope that we’re all in stable, safe relationships with our guys. It’s so scary to think what could happen if someone strayed these days.. so many germs and gross diseases out there.

    Ugh, I wanna hurl just thinking about it.


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