March of Dimes Walk

So, as expected it poured yesterday!

The weather has been so beautiful the past two weeks here in NY, and of course the day of the walk it’s freezing, raining and grey. Since the walk was “Rain or Shine” , we got up early, dressed the girls warmly and made our way to the event. There were a lot of people, and I am sure if it was nice out, there would have been much more. We met up with our team and stood in the rain. This was the first time we broke out our rain shield for the girls stroller. We stood in the freezing cold and rain for an hour and then the walk began. We walked a bit but didn’t think it was smart to keep the girls out too long in the rain and cold.

There were so many people there wearing shirts that said “Walking for child’s name“. Little children held up wet signs that said “I’m a survivor”. I couldn’t help but cry. I was a mess. there were many twin, and triplet strollers on the scene. I think we were the only twin infants there though- I didn’t see anyone as young as my girls there (everyone must have kept their kids in because of the rain). It didn’t feel right not to go because of the rain. I was walking for my daughters, for other preemie children and for all the wonderful people who sponsored me. BTW- I managed to raise over $1,100.00. Thank you to all those who donated. You guys are the best!

I felt a deep connection with the rest of the parents there, something I have never felt before.. a type of solidarity. Like we have all been through this war- and it is never far from our hearts and thoughts. When the NY ambassador parents were relaying their story of how they lost one of their triplet daughters after being born premature.. I broke down. I cannot imagine having to go through something like that, losing a child. I think I now officially feel like a mother. I would give my life for my daughters.

The event started outside of a mall parking lot, so after we walked a bit, we took the girls to the mall. We sat there. had some lunch, walked around and just spent time together as a family. It was awesome.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Team photo:

Neve sleeping comfortably inside the stroller:

Starting Line:

The family:

Mall pics:

Time to go home:
Sleeping on the way home:


6 thoughts on “March of Dimes Walk

  1. Heather

    Yay MOD MFB!!! I know what you mean, I saw sooo many shirts and signs that said, “In honor of” with the dates of the baby’s life. On the family quilt, Maddie’s square was surrounded by squares that were in memory of babies. It’s hard to take sometimes. But in all, it was such a great event and I’m excited to go every year. I’m sorry your weather was so crappy, though! It was blazing hot for our walk.

  2. Chas

    Of course it rained….doesn’t it always rain anytime you plan a picnic, a yard sale…and of course when you’re set to walk a few miles.

    Congrats on the donation drive…job well done!!

  3. K J and the kids

    You are so awesome.
    I can only imagine how emotionaly it was.

    By the by…the girls jackets are DARLING !

  4. The Dunn Family

    You all look fantastic! I’m sorry the weather sucks, but you raised an incredible amount of money! So yeah for you! Those girls are too precious for words, and I can only imagine how emotional the whole day must have been.

    And yes, we will have to pick a beautiful day in the city and have a meeting of the twins. Poor Jake will feel horribly outnumbered!

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