S- Is for Social Security #@# Numbers

Yesterday was a huge day at my company. I work for a certain media network and we had a huge event. One of the most famous and richest men in the world surprised us all and made an appearance (he is teaming up with my company) . He created a very well known Brand and was speaking about our “merger”

So, lets just say it was a big day for my company, and my boss. I was there, it went wonderfully. After the event was over, I came back to my office. My mother called and said that she wasnt feeling well. Her left arm was feeling tingly, as well as her left leg. Her tounge was heavy. This freaked me out, as I was worried that this was the onset to a stroke. My father-in-law had one, and I am well aware that a person needs to get to the hospital ASAP.
My husband could only arrive home two hours later, and my father was pretty far away as well. I told my boss I was leaving, and rushed home. My dad took my mom to the doctor, and thank GD it was not a stroke. He believes it may have been an anxiety attack.
I know my mother has had a rough year- Losing her mother to cancer in June. My grandmother was the rock of the family. She was amazing. My mother was so close to her, and was the first born. I think she took the death the hardest from all her other siblings. And now that the year anniversary of her death is fast approaching, I think it’s hitting her hard.
My mother has often said that the girls have “saved her” from heartache of losing her mom. That they give her joy. I am glad that they do. I knew they were conceived when they were for a reason… to bring some happiness to my family at a time of deep sorrow. It’s the circle of life… birth, death. I don’t know if it’s hit me yet that she has passed on. I haven’t been to their home since, so I know I will feel the emptiness when I visit my grandfather in May. *sigh*

On another note, we took the girls to get their passport pictures taken. I must say, it was one of the longest and funniest experiences I have ever had taking a passport photo. Neve is hysterical! I wish I would have purchased all the “outtakes”- the girl was looking everywhere but the camera. She also looked surprised/ suspicious in all the photos and made the funniest faces. Soleil was awesome- she loves the camera. She looked straight at him and that was it. We tried Neve again, but it wasn’t pretty. We just settled with one. It was super funny.

Now, we just have to apply for passports….which isn’t easy since we don’t have social security numbers for them!

-We don’t have numbers, because the hospital failed to give me the proper paperwork to fill out for birth certificates when I gave birth (you usually get the paperwork when you go in to give birth, but since I was in the hospital for 6 weeks prior, I slipped through the cracks).

-That meant, I received 2 birth certificates that said “No name given” with the time they were born.

-Then I had to send it back for corrections- which took 3 months!

-I finally received their corrected certificates in the mail yesterday.

-My husband went to the Social security office today to apply for their cards. He was the first one on line.

-The office said that other than birth certificates, he needed their discharge papers. He had the discharge papers, but their last name was the same as mine (which is hyphenated- and therefore was different than the name on their birth certificates). They said they could not accept it, and needed a letter from the doctor.

-Poor husband had to trek back all the way to the Doctor, got the letters and went back to the office.

-There were 75 people before him.

-He’s done.

Now we wait to see when these cards will arrive. Then we can finally get their passports. It will be a race against time since our vacation is in 7 weeks.

Other than that, all is well. I leave you with a picture from this morning. Soleil is in her PJ’s with a baseball cap on. She looked so cute.
Me before my morning coffee…

3 thoughts on “S- Is for Social Security #@# Numbers

  1. Chas

    When I read the first paragraph, a certain man popped into my mind…not sure why I thought of him since his type of business and your type of business doesn’t seem closely related, but I’m dying to know if I’m right. Are his initials R.B???

    I never thought of babies having to have a passport. Makes sense!

  2. K J and the kids

    I want to know the famous amos.

    I hope your mom is ok ! That is scary. She needs to take it easy.

    I hate birth certificate and S.S lines and issues.

    Cute picture.

  3. Topcat

    You are SUCH a great blogger. Posting pics so quick. Love it.

    I reckon the famous mystery persons initials are D.T. ….

    What date in May are you leaving? I’m sure it will be hard for you to go to your grandmothers house and she won’t be there … physically, anyway. I hope you all have a great time away anyway.



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