Travel, and Hair Loss, and Stool, Oh My!

What to write about?

The other day I looked in the mirror and was sick of myself. I needed a change. So on my lunch break, I went to the hairdresser and got a haircut. Nothing major… just got my bangs cut and angled my hair a bit. I cannot part with the length of it though, not now.

So, my father-in-law was supposed to come to New York to finally meet his granddaughters in June. But since his mother passed away last month, he cannot travel for a year (a mourning period in Judaism). That means that we will be leaving for Israel. Knowing that his father was not going to come here, gave my husband the needed push to buy tickets. So we did. 2 adult tickets and two infant tickets. Total? $3,375.00- yeah, that’s before the rental car and spending money.

Oh, and did I mention, that I will be traveling 11 hours by plane with two infants? They will get two bassinets, but since the bassinets aren’t right next to one another, me and my husband will have two people sitting between us. We’re leaving May 22nd, returning June 8th. I would only be missing 10 days of work since it falls on memorial day. We wanted those dates because of memorial day, but also because my husband’s best friend is getting married on June 3rd (one day before my bday). Oh, and my mother will also be in Israel on those dates (since it will be a year since my grandmother has passed, and they have a memorial planned). This way, we wont be stuck without a babysitter. Well, we will be for 4 days, but my best friend has offered to watch the girls for me.

Oh- and to top it all off? I have yet to tell my boss. I will be shaking in my pants. I feel guilty about taking a vacation since I was out for 4 months on bed rest/ mat leave but hey- I do get vacation days too. I just really need this trip. No one in our family (except my parents) have seen my girls. Mind you, I have a HUGE family- and so does my husband. It’s so hard to be away from them.

We will be taking the girls to the beach and just enjoying ourselves. Cannot wait to put them bathing suits! These are the bathing suits I bought them:

I always thought I would never put my daughters in bikinis, I always considered it skeevy. But they are so small at this point that I think it’s ok. Plus, I was given some great advice about not buying a one piece for a baby (since its a hassle to change their diaper in it).

Not sure if its ok to take 6 month olds to the beach or not- not too sure about the rules. And although I HATE the beach, I will take the girls there. I hate getting in a suit, I hate sand, and I hate being hot. But, I am no longer a selifish little girl, and since my husband too enjoys the beach, I will go. Of course, I have already purchased a WONDERFUL dress/cover up for my bathing suit:

One thing about going to Israel, is that I will be seeing my sister-in-law. She is due in a month of two (I dont really know, since we are not speaking) you can click on the link and read why not.

It will bother me seeing her. I was so close to her, and her actions just ended our relationship. I was so good to her. And then, when I was going through my hardest time, she was horrible with me. I mean, she knew that I was finally pregnant, and I didnt even get a phone call! Then I was in the hospital for 6 weeks, gave birth 10 weeks early, and still nothing. Now, she’s having a girl as well. It’s sad that it had to come to no speaking. And no- I will not be the bigger person and talk to her. My honor is at stake. You cant let someoen treat you horribly, and accept it.

Hair Loss:
Neve has gone through quite the significant hair loss lately. She was born with much more hair than Soleil, but now looks like a balding middle aged man. Oh, I have also started losing hair! No one told me I would have a receding hair line once I give birth? Where was all this information when I was pregnant! It’s a good thing I got some bangs now to cover up the war zone that is my hair line.

Bumbo Chair:

They both seem to like it. I prop a pillow behind them to help with their head support. My mother, asked a pediatrician friend about the chair and she says that she doesnt recommend it. I did my own research and I think its ok. I only leave them in there for 2 minutes tops and I am always there with them. I hate how mothers second guess you.

Soleil giving me the finger:


They have become much better sleepers, knock on wood.. but they have started giving us trouble when we try to put them to bed. One cries, then the other one begins- they then form a choir. The only way to calm Neve once she starts crying is to put her in her swing, let her swing for a while. This calms her, then we put her to bed. But me and my husband agreed, the more sleep we get, the more tired we are during the day!


We switched their formula to Soy last week. If you remember, Neve used to produce very watery stool. The soy seems to have helped! Yeahy! But poor Soleil, still constipated to no end! Not sure what to do anymore. She is a big ball of gas. She is always so cranky!


Did I ever mention that I picked up the name Soleil, from none other than Punky Brewster herself? I loved that show as a child, I even had her doll. One day as a teen, I sat in my freind’s car and for some reason her name popped into my mind. I made a mental note, and said that if I ever had a daughter I would name her Soleil. Of course, her name is much crazier.

Tonight is Purim, I am soooo excited! I get to dress my girls up in adorable costumes and take them out to friend’s. Last night I attempted to make traditional purim cookies called “Hamantash”- say that 5 times fast.
When I say attempted, I mean they were gross.

I am not a baker. There, I said it.

I always wanted to be one since I am pretty good with my hands. I can cook really well, but baking is a whole other relm. Baking involves exact measurments (most of the time) and it’s a damn science. It’s not easy to make perfect dough.

So I decided to print out a recipe called “The working mother’s hamantash”. This recipe is so quick and simple to make, even a monkey can do it. WELL, NOT THIS MONKEY.

I got home a little early, brought the girls into the kitchen with me so that we could bake “together”. I want to be one of those moms who bakes with her kids.

Not sure I will be able to be the mom who bakes though since my finished products are not too tasty. There is always cake mix and cookie dough!

Neve fell asleep ( I dont think she was too into it from the start), so it was just me and Soleil:

I still wanted Neve to get in on the action, so I strategically placed a cookie on her- although she seems to be giving me or the cookie the finger:

My husband took a bite of the cookie, said “It’s not for me” and proceeded to wake to the garbage can and spit it out. Damn, couldnt you just have swallowed what was in your mouth? Why do you have to be so harsh?

This is what a hamantash is supposed to look like:

This was mine:

Picture time!
I purchased a box/ carry on for our trip the ther day (for the girls) and realized that they had a shirt that matched the bag, so of course, I decided to be the photgrapher. Mind you, I took these of Soleil because Neve was STILL sleeping.How cute is she?

But then the little lady decided to wake up, and I put on some bunny ears for her to wear (to get her into the hoiday spirit)


That’s all for now, I will def post some pictures tomorrow with my little cuties!


8 thoughts on “Travel, and Hair Loss, and Stool, Oh My!

  1. Here I am

    I love bunny ears on babies : ) They are so cute!! That’s great that you are going to Israel- it will be so nice for your family to see your adorable miracles. My sister is there now for the year but is coming in 2 weeks just in time for my due date! She is loving it though. I miss it and will have to go back sometime in the next year or so. Anyway happy Purim!

  2. K J and the kids

    Love the baking 🙂 hilarious.

    I’m VERY impressed that you are planning an 11 hour plane ride. Do it now while they are younger.

    CUTE little baby girls…love those rolls. That’s enough to eat right on their little bodies…yummm.

  3. Furrow

    Girl, you have got to break up these long posts. I can’t possibly comment on everything! But I will say that Zo is on soy form and she’s always a bit constipated, so look for that prob to continue with Soleil.

    I’m impressed that you can bake with two babies in tow. Fabulous! Have a Happy Purim.
    (I don’t know the proper salutation. Is “Happy” okay?)

  4. Heather

    Don’t feel guilty about the vacation! Although I feel guilty for even taking ONE day off after being off work for 14 weeks, too. But we have to remind ourselves bed rest isn’t vacation, it’s WORK!

    The girls are so chubby and cute, I love it!

  5. Chas

    -Wow, that’s going to be an exciting trip! I love introducing Lila to family members we haven’t seen since she’s born, but since they all live in the States, we’ve pretty much seen them all. You guys are going to have so much fun! I can’t wait for pictures!!

    -As far as taking six month olds to the beach…I have no experience with that. We didn’t have the opportunity to take Lila to the beach until she was a year old. I don’t think they recommend putting sunscreen on babies that young, but I don’t know if you guys even need sunscreen with your skin tone. The swimsuits are cute, but let me tell you why I don’t like bikinis for babies. If you actually plan on getting in the water, then you must use a swim diaper. Swim diapers are SO tall. They come way out the top of a baby bikini bottom and ruin the entire look.

    – You’ve never heard that you lose hair after you have a baby?? It’s very, very common. You don’t lose as much hair while you’re pregnant, so after you have the baby it starts coming out all at once. It’ll come back though, don’t worry. I’m very surprised that it’s waited this long to fall out. Don’t worry about the baby’s hair falling out either. Lila’s did the same thing. It fell out only on top, which means that now it looks like she has a mullet, b/c it’s much longer around the sides, lol.

    -Could Soleil take a different formula than Neve? Lila only took formula for a very brief time, but it was soy and it clogged her up pretty badly.

    – I can’t wait for Purim pictures!

    – Did you know that Soleil Moon Frye had a new baby a week or so ago??

  6. The Dunn Family

    Wow … you sure did have a lot to update us on! I want to repond to everything! How excited about going to Israel … good luck with the traveling!

    Most important thing, the girls are just ADORABLE!! They are really turning into little chunky monkeys and it is just too cute! And love those bikinis! I got Hailey a bikini too!

    I loved Punky too. I was wondering if that’s where you got the name …

    Happy Purim!

  7. Topcat

    I love that post so much that I’m going to read it again. I ADORED watching Punky Brewster too!!

    * Soleil Moonfrye had a breast reduction in her late teens.

    * Your hubby should have told you it was the best thing he’s ever tasted.

    * Israel!! SO far away from me, sounds so exotic!

    * Your girls are unbelievably, totally adorable. How big and beautiful they are getting!

    * Too funny that you hate the beach. Do what I do … hire an umbrella and read trashy magazines. (If your ladies will let you..)

    * Aint no freakin rules! You’re the boss. I took Tiger to the beach in his pram when he was 2 weeks old!!


  8. Topcat

    So. Frisky. With Mr TC. He thinks he’s died and gone to heaven!! “Worth every penny” of IVF, he reckons!!



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