Hump Day

Random Memory:

I was getting off the subway today and saw a woman wearing blue ribbed pantyhose/leggings. Suddenly, I was transported back in time to the 5th grade. I went to a private all-girl school and we had uniforms.

Much like this one:

(Except I didn’t look so sassy)
We had to wear leggings under our skirts for modesty reasons. I guess I was going through a growth spurt, I was growing taller, but my weight stayed the same. I had to buy larger size leggings. Now, since they would always fall to the ground when I would run, my mother suggested that I wear another pair of underwear on top of the leggings so that they would not fall. “No one will see”- she said. She was wrong. As I was walking up the stairs with my classmates, one of them caught a glimpse of my underwear over my leggings and made it known. Everyone made fun of me for days! I was truly mortified.


Seems as though Neve is so in love with her new play mat, that it has encouraged her to start grabbing/ hitting the dangling objects above her- on purpose! My mother called me frantically today with the news. I asked if it was by mistake, and she said that Neve had done it several times and on purpose. I was so happy. $60.00 dollars well spent I say.
(Here is another picture of her under the mat just in case you didn’t understand just how happy this mat makes her:)

Of course, Soleil couldn’t care less. All she cares about is pooping, or lack of pooping. She really does.

I don’t know where my mind has gone, but I miss it and want it back. I completely missed my stop on the subway last night, which tacked on another 30 minutes to my commute. Had to wait for a train going back north, which never came. Ok, it did, but I was tired. At least I only missed one stop. Last month I got on the WRONG train and ended up really far from home. That tacked on an hour and a half to my commute. I wish someone told me just how zoned out you become once you have a baby .oh, and I wish someone had told me about the Sneeze-Pee.

(Of course this picture is not of me. This is a picture of Beyonce riding the B train- my train. I guess she took this picture to show the public “Look, I’m riding the train just like everyone else”. I guess they treated her like everyone else- which is why she is standing. People hate to give up their damn seats!)

Strange Story:

As my regular blog readers know, my family believes in mysticism, or things that cannot be explained. We have mediums in our family, great Rabbis who can pretty much tell the future (i.e when I was ttc and was if, I asked said cousin if I were to be a mother… he looked at his book, made no direct eye contact, laughed and said “oh, don’t you worry.. you’ll be a mother!”- a few months later- twins)
Any who… I digress. My grandmother, who was a very religious and amazing woman passed away in June. She predicted that I would get pregnant with twins when I was if.
This past Monday, my grandfather went to a wedding ceremony, and returned home. As he walked into his living room, he saw that his television screen had been facing the wall, and was upside down- as if someone had pushed it there! Now, keep in mind.. he lives in a very quiet neighborhood with no crime, and there was NO forced entry. That’s all I’m saying. He is convinced- that my grandmother is trying to communicate with him, and believe me- she may have been- knowing her. Eeery.

As I was googling a picture an upside down tv, I cam across this picture:

(How cool?)

Purchased a bumbo* chair for my girls, I wonder how that’s going to go. Will keep you updated.

(Look how happy this baby looks in the chair)

But I suspect my daughters will be more like this:

That’s all for today.


5 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. K J and the kids

    Funny story about the panties. Madonna did it…why not you.

    Cute girls. Glad she loves it…I’m certain it will be Neve that loves the bumbo chairs.

  2. Furrow

    Zo doesn’t like the bumbo. It doesn’t bounce.

    That Neve looks so excited! It’s adorable.

    I used to think it would be cool to wear a school uniform, so that I could be the rebellious type who rolled the skirt up and wore studded collars to set my self apart. But I’m sure I would have been the visible underwear type. What a sweetly sad story.

  3. The Dunn Family

    It took a while, but mine did end up liking the bumbos.

    The girls look so cute! They are getting so big.

    It’s 2 hours door to door for me to get in, but there isn’t a direct train into NY from where I am … so it adds a lot more on my commute because we have to switch in Newark. If I drive into the city, 1 hour. So definitely not as bad. Where exactly are you? In NY?

    I got Hailey’s ears pierced at her 9 month drs appt. The pedi told us that 9 months is a good time, because they don’t get any shots and the earlobes are big enough to find a good location.

    We had it done right at the drs office, and Hailey screamed bloody murder. But once it was over, she was fine. 1 week of cleaning with alcohol and using neosporin, and she was fine. I think it looks so darn cute!

    Go for it!

  4. Topcat

    Oh, sweet little Maya getting laughed at!! Girls at school down here would wear “bloomers”, big thick navy undies, over their stockings to keep them up. Except me – I would wear just undies, no leggings, and hang upside down on the monkey bars during recess, specifically to make all the boys notice me. It worked …

    I reckon you would look much prettier than Beyonce on the train ….

    We have those Bumbo seats here too! How cool do they look! xox


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