I was so excited about my new jeans….

This morning

Scene: NYC Subway

There were no seats, so I stood holding onto a bar.

Man staring at me.

Man gets up and addresses me

Man: Here, please sit down.

Me: I am not pregnant, but thanks anyway.

Man: Oh.

Me: Don’t feel bad, I just had a baby.

OK, I didn’t say “don’t feel bad”.

Now, why couldn’t I have just declined?

I don’t know what drives me to tell the truth in all situations.

So yes, it happened again. I was wearing new jeans- you know, the wide legged kind. I was proud to finally not be wearing maternity jeans. Now, I am reconsidering my purchase.

Anyway- My husband took the girls to get their RSV shots today.

He weighed them.

Neve weighs 12.8 lbs
Soleil weights 12.12 lbs

I am so happy. Nothing in this world is more important.

He did take soleil to the optometrist today. She has whats called ROP.
She has blood vessels on her right eye. Now there are severe cases that might need surgery, but he doctor doesn’t think that her case is severe and that it might clear up its own. We have to go back in 2 months to check it out.

*BTW, When I tell you guys about being mistaken for pregnant, its not a pity party. I don’t care what I look like now because I just gave birth to the two loves of my life. I just think its funny.


This just goes to show you that no matter what the curcimstances of the delivery/ prematurity- if a baby is supposed to live and be well, he will!:


4 thoughts on “I was so excited about my new jeans….

  1. SaraS-P

    Well, at least he was trying to be polite. He could’ve been the jerk who sees a woman 9 months pregnant with triplets stand the whole time!

    Maybe he was just targeting you as a woman? I’ve gotten that before a few times.

    I have read that train toilet baby story before. Simply amazing!

  2. Amy

    Meanwhile, some people are so scared of accidentally offending someone that they don’t acknowledge the 9-month pregnant women. That sucks, though. Maybe he was just being chivlarous. Or maybe he thought you were hot.

    Those girls sound nice and healthy. Good weights!

  3. The Dunn Family

    Ugh. That must have sucked on the subway. Don’t stress about it.

    Do we need to have a meeting of the twins?? I’m right over here in NJ, and I work in NY two times a week …


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