First of all, I’m still in love with Dirty Dancing. I bought it and downloaded it onto my ip0d the other day and watched it on the subway last night. It was awesome.

So, I am on one of those friendship sites… there are many as you know.

m*space, face#book…. I joined after a few friends convinced me to do so to keep in touch and post pictures- since no one in “real” life knows about my blog (except for hubby- I think he reads it when I’m not home)

A guy I used to date “friend-ed” me and I couldn’t reject him. I rejected him in college, so this would not be too appropriate to do. Anyway, he’s a lawyer, is now married and has a daughter that’s a year old. Almost every day- he leaves comments for me. Like, “so, how’s mommy hood?”, or “Do you have a favorite?” giving me little tips and advice.

I didn’t want him in my life the first time around, who says I want him around now?

Plus, he was BY FAR- the worst kisser I ever encountered. THE WORST. So bad in fact, that as I was seeing him in college, I wrote an anonymous “Dear Abby letter” to the campus publication and asked what to do when your dating someone nice but who’s a bad kisser.

Oh, I left out the good part. He was the editor of that paper…I thought maybe he would read it (even though I was anonymous). Turns out, he was the one who answered that letter because “Abby” was out sick that week.

Poor guy made such an effort with me back then, and I was NOT interested. I mean, I wanted to be- he was nice and had a good head on his shoulder (reminded me of Brandon Walsh but sans the hotness)… but there was no chemistry.. at least not on my end. It pretty much ended when I found out that he had sex with a dirty girl I knew. She had no alibi.

She was


and banged every guy in our school. Sometimes I don’t get that. How can a man have sex with a hideous/ dirty girl? When I say dirty, I mean her hair was once oily and instead of washing it- she used feminine itch powder on her head to make it less glossy. Yeah.

It’s like looking at a picture of your boyfriend’s ex and seeing what a dog she was. Then you ask yourself, “What does that say about me?” or “What does that say about him?”

That actually happened when I originally saw a picture of my husband’s ex- she was horrid. Simply horrid.

He said she had a nice personality. I don’t know about that since she went to a witch doctor to have something bad happen to me. But again, that story is for a different day.

I will say this though: my husband’s first ex- was very pretty. I hated her. She dated him all throughout high school from 15-20. At that time I had a huge crush on him, so I LOATHED HER. I even went on a double “date” with them. Of course, it wasn’t a real date since It was my husband, his girlfriend, me and my cousin. I remember we all went to the mall and I got my ear pierced for the 4th time, just to get some attention from him. I actually had to make a hole in my body to get attention from my husband. This is fact.

We all went to dinner that night and I was being my witty self.. and my husband (then friend) looked at me and said, “I never knew you were funny”. Umm, thanks.

So what was I originally saying?

Oh yes.. so this guy wants to be all friendly with me and I am not having it. I don’t think I will answer his next post.

BTW- Drum roll please…………………..

Neve slept 8 hours last night. From 10:30pm-6:30am!

I didn’t want to announce that since I didn’t want to jinx it. She and Soleil slept well the other week as well, and then once I said it out loud, they started waking up every 3 hours. I think they are going through a major growth spurt. I have even upped their formula to 5 ounces since they were not happy with 4.

I have a pediatrician appointment on Saturday.. and I am so excited! I cannot wait to see how big they got (THANK GD).
It’s funny, they are now pretty much the same weight as a 3 month old should be, but without the developmental skills as a 3 month old. Last time I was there, Neve weighed 9.6 pounds, while Soleil weight 10.3. I think I was there 5 weeks ago. They have been wearing size 2 diapers for two weeks now and have outgrown 0-3 month clothing.

I cannot wait to take out my long list of questions for my doctor.. because I have many. The only thing I HATE about him is his policy of : no shots on a well appointment. This means, you have to go back twice! I’m saying he does this to charge insurance twice. That also means my husband is taking them for their RSV shot tomorrow and then I take them for a well appointment on Saturday. You know how hard that is? He is greedy. But he calls back very quickly, was the head of the NICU and cares. Plus, he was my pediatrician so I am nostalgic. Of course, that means double the co-pay.

My husband is also taking Soleil to the optometrist tomorrow. They are checking to make sure something has passed in her right eye. I have no idea what it is… he said it in medical jargon and I didn’t quite understand. The doctor said she may have had it (the thing on her eye) because she was a preemie or because she would have been born like that anyway. Its nothing scary though, so my mind didn’t truly process the meaning. I’m lucky if I remember to put on underwear in the morning.

oh and I am NOT getting along with my mother at all! we have been butting heads a lot lately. If I tell her not to do something when it comes to the girls, she gets all mad. this is why you should not see your mother daily. I do not recommend it.
By the way- no real reason for the picture above of Mayor McCheese.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Chas

    Luckily, none of my ex-boyfriends have made it mySpace or Facebook to my knowledge, and if they do…I don’t want to know. There is this one guy that used to harass me a little that got on my nerves that started bugging me on FB, but I think he’s gotten the hint.

    Seriously, what’s up with the no shots on a well visit?? That’s insanity!! My doc’s office does them together…and even if they didn’t, if you visit their office within two or three days of a visit they don’t charge you for another visit. Soooo…your doctor’s policy is dumb :).

  2. K J and the kids

    Glad you got to watch Dirty Dancing.
    I suggest cutting off all contact with the ex. That is never a good situation.
    Glad Neve slept well for you.
    Maybe it’s time to move on to a different form of child care.
    I think it’s worth salvaging whatever relationship you and your mother has.

  3. Topcat

    Oh my God – did that guy actually mean what favourite daughter?? What a deadshit. If he’s asking you things all the time, must mean he’s thinking about you a lot!

    I will now crave McDonalds – all day.



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