So a few things to discuss.

Neve has starting talking. OK, not full words… but she’s babbling and saying “ay” a lot! It is so awesome! She’s even starting to smile- and not from gas! My mom had mentioned it last week and I didn’t believe her, until I got home that day and she was making sounds! On Saturday morning, I went to get her form her crib as she was awake. I stood over her crib and started talking to her. She then gave me the biggest smile! It was amazing to say the least.

Soleil is quieted by music. If she cries, we go by the computer and put on some pop music for her and she stops crying. When the music is turned off, she starts crying again! It is hysterical!
She’s also started babbling, but much less than Neve. Soleil is much more expressive though. On Saturday, I went to bed for a few hours and my husband had tried handling her fussiness- she cried for a while. When I got up and held her she just stopped crying and gazed at me. It was so great- as if she knew I was her mommy and I comforted her! It is truly amazing. My husband says that it’s because at this stage they are comforted by a woman’s voice, much more than a mans (that’s what the books say). Who knows why, but I don’t care what the reason is!

Its so great to finally get feedback from your kids. My girls were preemies and neve has been home since she was 34 weeks- gestational age, so all of this has been a long time coming for us. By this stage (3 months) babies have already given their parents major feedback through smiles and coos.

Ive been taking pictures like mad. I want pictures with the girls, but I am so large now that I hate seeing myself in the pictures- but I know that if I don’t take any of myself with them, I will regret it later, so I give in. Although, I still have a tummy that looks pregnant. I wear a beautiful fat sucker inner every day, but its still there. I cant wear tight shirts, so all my shirts have to be loose on my stomach to at least camouflage my roundness. When will this go away?

Yesterday we decided to bundle the girls up and take them out to the botanical gardens in my city. It was great, but the landscape was filled with snow- which in itself was beautiful. Have some great pictures.

Me and the hubby are home bodies- OR LAZY. When we were married pre-babies, we would stay home on sat nights and Sundays and just chill. These girls will finally get us off our ass*es and start exploring our own city and different activities. If not for us, then for them. Later on, we went by my friend Franny’s house and spend an hour there. My husband got the phone call on his cell that his grandmother had passed away. He too feels torn that he cant be in Israel with his family. It really is hard to mourn a loss from afar.

I leave you with some pictures that we took over the weekend.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Chas

    Maya, IF you really are big, you do a great job of hiding it. Those pictures are beautiful! You look great in them!! The girls are so precious!!

    Seriously, give yourself some time. It really does take as long to get rid of it as it does to gain it for most women.

  2. The Dunn Family

    You have a very beautiful family! Your girls and just adorable, and you and your hubby look great too! It looks beautiful with all the snow, right?

    There is nothing in the world like a baby’s smile … so happy you are getting them now. It’s hard in the beginning when you have to do so much work for them, and get so little in return.

  3. Ali

    You are beautiful! And not big in the least! Really, completely gorgeous.

    And the girls too – precious little babes.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting some smiles and baby talk now 🙂

  4. Stacie

    Love the picture of you and the stroller. Beautiful.

    Your girls have such pretty hair. (I am obsessed with hair because the boys have such little of it!) How cute to see them cuddled up together like that. Mine still bat at each other when they get close, unless I wait for them to be totally asleep before I do it!

    Maya, you look beautiful, not fat! I hope that you can see that!


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