Last truth revealed!

Had a lovely long weekend at home with my family. Usually my husband works on Saturday, but since he’s been having some backaches as of late, he decided to skip work- so we all spent 2 1/2 days together which was nice!

We started putting the girls in their cribs at night. This means all day they are in their swings, or bouncy seats with tv blairing and much noise…. and at night we swaddle them (with their arms out since they go crazy when their arms are constrained), give them a bottle, wait for them to go to sleep in the light (they don’t take well to being put down in their cribs when they are still awake), and then transfer them to their cribs. When they wake up, we change and feed them in the dark. This has been working well the past 3 nights (knock on wood!). They don’t usually whine at night, they just eat and go to bed. I hope this ritual works for the long haul. Soleil slept from 12 am last night to 7am this morning! I know it was a fluke, and not to expect this to happen every night, but it was awesome! I had to constantly check on her at night to see if she was breathing! Neve woke up every 3 hours for her feeding. I wonder when their stomachs will be large enough to be able to sleep through the night (whatever that means).

We had some friends come over Sunday night, which was nice. My friend is French and she’s very matter of fact- she’ll tell you things to your face. She told me I lost weight since the last time they came over- which is always nice to hear. I actually started a “diet” or just watching what I eat these past two weeks since I came back to work. That means, an egg white omelet in the morning, yogurt and fruit throughout the day and a huge salad for lunch. BY the time I come home, I have to go to bed so I don’t eat dinner- which is cool because the salad has been filling me up- a lot of protein in it! I’ve lost about 2 pounds so far. I’m usually used to dropping weight quicker than that- but my body is different now.

All of my life I have been the A-Typical female: always struggling with body issues. Always worried about weight. I think the pregnancy has freed me of some of that. My body produced these two beautiful little girls. How can I complain about it now? I mean, I still hate the fact that my body couldn’t hold my girls in for a few more weeks- that it gave out on me so early. I hate that in order to get pregnant I have to go through so much. But you know what, I know what its like to carry human life inside of me and feel kicking and love…. it’s amazing. So, thank you body.

I know it will take time to lose these 30 pounds that I have gained, but I don’t care. I don’t need it to happen “now, now,now”… I’m a lot more relaxed.

So here are my final 3 lies:

7) I got my period at the age of 15. Most of my friends had gotten theirs at 13, so I was anticipating it. The strange thing is, my boobs developed fairly quickly at age 11, yet my period only came 4 years later.

Lie: I actually got my period at the age of 10! It was a month before I turned 11, so call it 11 if you want- but it was a surprise! I thought I was supposed to get it at 13, since that is when my mom had hers, but I got on the womanhood bus long before anyone in my class.

5)As a child I LOVED cats. I desperately wanted one, but since my mom hated them she refused to let me have one. Every Saturday I would go out to the front yard and put out some type of mil product for the stray cats in the neighborhood.
Lie! Please don’t hate me cat lovers… but I really really dislike cats. There is just something so evil and creepy about them!

6)I hate necklaces. I don’t get why people wEAR such long beaded things around their necks. If I ever wear them (which I rarely do) I feel as though I am being choked.

LIE: I should have posted a picture of the amount of long necklaces I own- I can open up a store! I feel that an outfit isn’t complete without one.

NOW my final truth:

3)My husband is a distant relative of mine. Not blood of course- but he is my cousin’s cousin (which means my uncle and his aunt got married).

TRUTH: People might think it’s weird, but we are distantly related. I mean, there is no blood- we just happen to share three cousins. His aunt and my uncle were teenage sweethearts, and married (they are now divorced). My mom was even at his parent’s wedding back before we were born.Every summer when I would visit Israel and hang out with my cousin, my husband would be around- since he too was their cousin. That’s when I developed a crush on him. He thought it was weird when we started dating, but I had to remind him many times that we we’re not blood relatives.

So Chas won- and her gift is in the mail as we speak!

Here are pics of my ladies over the weekend:


6 thoughts on “Last truth revealed!

  1. Chas

    Yay for getting on some semblance of a schedule!!

    Also, YAY for me winning the contest!!!

    The girls are too cute for words!!

  2. Michell

    Aww, you guys are all so cute. Glad the weekend went well and that there seems to be a schedule happening that allows mommy and daddy some sleep.

  3. K J and the kids

    Very sweet girls.

    I hope they sleep good from here on out.

    Girl EAT. How are you expected to take care of everyone and yourself on SALAD. That is NOT healthy.
    The weight will come off. It will come off on it’s own without this crazy diet. I don’t know too many heavy mothers of twins.
    Take care of you !

  4. Stacie

    Gald you had a good weekend. Those kind of weekends are needed so you can gear up for the week ahead!

    The girls get cuter and cuter with each picture. Love the family picture, too. You all look so happy and content (although tired!) 🙂

  5. Keeping The Faith

    It’s so fun to see and share photos.

    You know the fact hat Soleil went that long is a great sign of more long nights to come. It shows that she can do it and it might take a while to be consistent like that but its in the future and not far of I’d say. I think it’s important that you’re doing this routine of distinguishing day from night…the better they understand that it’s bedtime the better. How many oz are they eating at each feeding now? Try to up the amount on the last feeding to see if hat helps too. We give them an extra .5 to 1 oz on the last bottle. I was told that once they weigh 11 pounds they can physically sleep through the night…there is no nutritional reason for nighttime feedings. There might be occasional times they are hungry b/c of growth spurts but if it’s a regular thing it’s out of habit.

    It sounds like your diet is healthy and thats whats most important. You don’t want to lose the weigh too quickly or eat in a way you can’t maintain. I know its easy for me to say since I have a thin frame but my husband really struggles w/ his weight. He put on more weight than I did during the pregnancy and can’t blame it on having twins :-)…I swear he eats healthy too… its frustrating for him and I worry about his health. Thats the main concern…be healthy.

    I think you look just beautiful and what a wonderful family…soon you’ll have longer sleep periods at night…life is good.



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