One Truth, 3 lies

OK- Someone managed to get it right yesterday! So, the contest is over and I will def send a gift to the person who won… I will get her address in a few days.

LIE 1:

1) I had an imaginary friend as a child. Her name was Leona and had beautiful long and straight hair. I always wanted hair like hers… which is why I think I imagined her as a friend.

*Never had an imaginary friend, but I did have many dolls that I communicated with as if they were my friends!

LIE #2
8) I love my great-grandmother (yes, she’s still around). As a child, I would spend my summers at her house- along with my grandmother and mother. It was great to be around her- she taught me how to make a traditional Yemenite dish called jachnoon (a doughy/buttery bread) Yum!

I actually heavily dislike my great grandmother. She was always very cold and never really acknowledged my grandmother as her daughter (she was her first born- when my great grandmother was only 14, so she didn’t quite have the maternal instinct yet). I always wished I could take a picture with my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and me.. but we have never been in the same room together, she never even showed up to my wedding (yet she did go to her other great grandchildren’s weddings!)

lie# 3

2) I was one of the first people in my high school class to get a car. Because of this, I was like my friend’s personal taxi service. I told them that my nickname should be 555-Maya

* I only got my license at the age of 24! I was a late bloomer in that department. AT 19, I was taking driving lessons- but one night when I was out with my friends, one of them was driving on the highway, and she managed to get us crushed under an 18 wheeler! we are glad to be alive, and thankfully no one was hurt, but I thought I was going to die for sure (while we were headed for the semi-truck). stopped taking lessons then and there… it took me years to get behind the wheel again. I still have never driven on the highway, and clam up when a truck is next to me.


4)My best friend franny had a heavy dislike for me when she met me. We were in the same high school class. I though she was cool, but she thought I was weird (pretty on target).

Franny was a goody-two shoes and thought I was Goth (just because I wore Doc martins) and wore all black (I did that because I was heavy and black is slimming!) She lived 2 blocks away from me, and one day we shared a cab home on our way back from the SAT’s. She wanted to borrow notes from me for a test and said that we would go get them photocopied later in the day. When I didn’t hear from her, I called her and she said that she had heavy menstrual cramps and couldn’t leave the house. I took the notes, photocopied them, brought her chocolates and chicken soup and went to her house, we’ve been best friends ever since.

I will unveil more in my next post.

By the way, I never got the flowers my husband ordered- it was a mistake on the vendor’s end (don’t use 1800flo*wers) so we got a full refund- how romantic? My husband was like, “You can take that money if you want and buy something pretty”. Yeah. How romantic is my husband? *sigh*

Oh, and Soleil had a good night’s sleep last night THANK THE LORD. I think its because of the suppositories we gave her on wed and last night. I gave her one at 3am, and she fell asleep. My husband went to get her this morning at 6am, and her entire back was covered in you know what! It EXPLODED EVERYWHERE! My poor baby had so much of that in her system, that’s probably what has been bothering her… but I don’t want her to get dependent on them. I had to give her a long bath this morning, and she was loving it!

Her are some valentines pictures from last night. You can see Soleil is sleeping in them (since the night before she pretty much screamed for 7 hours straight) she slept for almost 7 hours last night. We tried to get her to wake up- we tried putting a bottle in her mouth but she made this face:


7 thoughts on “One Truth, 3 lies

  1. Deena

    Oh my…they are so adorable.

    I found your blog thru Batty Nurse and have enjoyed reading!!! Your twins are just precious!

  2. Michell

    They are so cute. What big girls they are getting to be. As far as the suppository, glad it worked. I’m sure you have heard this or tried this but thought I would suggest it anyways. Have you tried giving her apple or pear juice. Just a little bit maybe 10ml once or twice daily? Sometimes that helps. Hope she continues to feel better and sleep.

  3. The Dunn Family

    They are just so darn cute! Sorry about the flower screw-up! That stinks!

    Talk to your doc about it, but when my Jake was a constipated boy, an ounce or two of water totally got things moving again.

    Good luck!

  4. Stacie

    Bummer! I wasn’t right about the truths and lies!

    The girls are getting so big and they are absolutely gorgeous!

    How is the sleep thing going? Any better?


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